I can't keep calm....I'm going to California

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A/N: This is a short chapter. Not much going on. I'm in a bit of a rut. But thank you to everyone for reading! I appreciate you!! :)

I stuck the earbud that was hooked to my phone back in my ear and leaned my head back against the plush head rest of the window seat of the plane that was taking me from Boston to sunny California. I hadn't seen Chris in almost 2 months. Summer was fast approaching, and Chris would be back in Boston for an extended stay in June. But it was barely May and I missed my boyfriend. So when he offered to fly me out for an extra long weekend I didn't say no. I had a nonstop flight and would be arriving in California around 11:30 which was 2:30 my time.

It had been an interesting, long few months. Chris went back to filming in San Francisco for another couple weeks before returning to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is also the new home of, you guessed it, Kasey Davenport. Hailee had stayed for a week or so and then had returned to New York, but Kasey was now living the LA life. And it wasn't a big deal, until it was. Chris happened to be at the same party that Kasey was. Paparazzi had a field day snapping pictures. Chris assured me nothing had happened. Kasey however posted pictures of the 2 of them at the party with some kind of caption stating she was so happy to be reunited with Chris. Then as icing on top of the cake the Gucci ad came out and there were billboards all over every major US city of Chris and Kasey practically naked on top of each other. So that was fun. But Chris had given me no reason to doubt him and I was counting down the seconds till I was at long last in his arms.

My flight landed, and I quickly found my suitcase at baggage claim. My eyes searched the terminal lobby for Chris and my heart leapt in my chest when I finally spotted him. In sunglasses and a hat, I guess he was doing his best to go undercover. But his smile was a dead giveaway of who was hiding under the "disguise".

My smile grew bigger the closer I got to him and I dropped my carry-on bag at my feet throwing my arms around his neck.

"Hi." He said hoarsely, his breath warm on my ear.

"Hi." I echoed. I squeezed him tightly before letting go.

"How was the flight?" He asked as he bent down and grabbed my carry-on book bag slinging it over his shoulder.

"Long and bumpy." I wrinkled my nose.

He smiled taking the handle to my rolling suitcase in one hand and slipping his other hand into mine intertwining our fingers.

"Well you look beautiful. I can't tell you how good it feels to see you in person. I've missed the hell out of you."

I blushed and looked at the ground. "I missed you too." I mumbled.

"You hungry?"

I nodded.

"We'll grab a bite to eat before heading back to my place."

"Can we eat later?" I leaned up resting my hand on his shoulder so I could whisper in his ear, "I kind of had another idea of something we could do first."

He grinned and squeezed my hand. He didn't have to respond for me to know that food would be put on a temporary hold.

An hour and a half later I was lying on Chris's bed in his Los Angeles home while Chris was in the kitchen making us sandwiches.

"One ham and cheese with a pickle on the side." Chris entered the bedroom wearing just his boxers which was a whole lot more than I had on. Deciding I didn't want to eat naked I slipped out of the bed and grabbed my underwear and tank top from where they were carelessly tossed 45 minutes earlier.

"Hey!" Chris frowned. "What are you doing?"

"Putting some clothes on." I said sliding the tank top over my head.


"I don't want to eat naked." I laughed.

"I want you to eat naked." He held the plate in front of me.

I smiled and kissed his cheek before taking my sandwich out of his hand. "Sorry bud. I love you though."

He rolled his eyes, "Love you too."

He sat down on the bed taking a huge bite out of his sandwich, "So what do you want to do today?" He asked his mouth full of food.

I shrugged, "I don't know. What do you usually do?"

"We can take Dodger to the dog park. I have something planned for tomorrow." His eyes lit up devilishly.

"Oh boy." I took a bite of my sandwich with a delighted grin.

We took Dodger to the dog park and then after dropping him back at the house we went out for a nice dinner. I thought Los Angeles would be a paparazzi nightmare but it wasn't. Or maybe we just weren't in the 'Hot' spots.

The next morning I was feeling jetlagged and completely thrown off. But when Chris revealed our plans for the day I was giddy with excitement. What were we doing? Going to Disneyland of course! We spent the entire day at the park, staying until it closed. The best perk was that we were spoiled with our own personal employee escort who helped us bypass all lines. We rode every ride there was and our favorites multiple times. By the end of the evening I was exhausted but floating on cloud 9.

"I think I could live here." I sighed plopping down on the lush couch in the living room. The view outside the floor to ceiling window was breathtaking.

"You would leave Boston?" Chris raised an eyebrow as he popped the cap from a beer bottle.

"I'd consider it." I grabbed his hand and gently pulled him down next to me.

"But I don't live here full time." He pointed out.

"No, you don't but you live here most of the time." I laughed.


"I just invited myself to move in with you."

"Bree if I could convince you to leave Boston I'd move you out here in a heartbeat."

"I'd miss my family. And my job." I turned to look at him. "I wish you could stay in Boston."

"I know you do. But we will make this work somehow." He vowed wrapping his arms around me tightly.

I leaned back against him enjoying the moment and pushing every negative thought out from my mind.

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