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Well the ruled are simple and easy to comply with...I guess.

🎭 Your book must not have more than 5k reads.
🎭 You must follow our main judges Casson24 and Shinybubblymia......this is so that you will be able to get any important message passed across.
🎭 You must follow the Judge judging your genre...why? To appreciate them duuh.
🎭 You must be polite to everyone.. Obviously.
🎭 You must add a smiling emoji to your username when entering this award.
🎭 Password is any word that begins with the last letter of your username.
🎭Your book must have up to five chapters.
🎭You can enter a maximum of two books in different genres.

You've got any question please hesitate to tell me...just kidding do not hesitate, just ask right here.

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