What did I do

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dallas house

Ally:u wanted something

Dallas:yea you

And he starts to kiss her

Ally:stop Dallas


Ally:Dallas I'm srry I had sex with Austin he tempted me and he told me we couldn't tell u and I couldn't stand it so when u told me to come over I was gonna tell u I'm so srry

Dallas:what u had sex with Austin your such a slut

Ally:I can't believe you called me that Dallas It didn't feel right I always saw ur face when he was on top of me

Dallas:ally I don't wanna hear about how you had sex with Austin ur such a slut

Ally:stop calling me that jerk off

Then he went up to ally and hit her

Ally:what the fuck Dallas what's your problem

Dallas:I'm srry ally plz forgive me

Ally:I forgive you but were over I can't be in abusive relationship

Dallas:ally it won't happen again

Ally:ik but srry bye Dallas

She kisses him then Dallas depend it

5minutes later

Ally:Yes Dallas omg harder

Dallas:fuck ugh

Ally:wait stop stop stop

Dallas:what's wrong it was getting good

Ally:were not dating I have to go

Dallas:ally it's ok that were not dating come on

Ally:I'm srry but I have to go

Dallas:I understand

Ally:I'll call u tomorrow

Dallas:k bye

Ally gets her clothes on and goes back to her house

Austin:hey where have u been

Ally:I told u Dallas

Austin:did u sleep with him

Ally:I told him I slept with u he kept calling me a slut so I told him to stop callin me that jerk off and he hit me

Then I broke it off and I gave him a kiss and we wounded up in bed

Austin:your such a slut ally

Ally:woah woah woah you didnt let me finish Austin I stop before it happened u jerk

And she runs upstairs

Austin:ally wait

Ally:y Austin I'm not the slut u r u have sex with every girl around town

Austin:wow ally ur so judgemental

Ally:what r u talking about Austin you cheated on my

Tears coming down her eyes

Ally:and I'm the slut

Austin:whatever I'm outta here

Ally:arent u forgetting something

She takes his clothes and throws them at him

Austin:fucking bitch

Ally:fuck you and lose my number I already deleted yours

Austin:fine I'll delete it now

He deletes her number and she goes downstairs and slaps him

Ally:I HATE YOU AUSTIN never talk to me again don't come by move on with ur life cuz I am


Ally:fine just get out

At this time tears are coming down both of there faces

Austin:fine bye ally I'll come back and get my stuff tomorrow

Ally:like wat

Austin:my t shirt my pictures we took and my gutair I got signed by Bruno mars

Ally:fine Austin just go I'm tired of fighting with you

To be continued...

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