You get hate -Leondre

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Before Leo left to go to the studio he warned you not to go on twitter. But of coarse you didnt listen. Once you had logged in you clicked on your notifications. You felt tears moving down your cheek. You hade gotten hate. You knew this would happen eventually but never this bad. You couldnt take it anymore. You threw your phone at the wall and ran into the bathroom, locking it behind you. Your hands eventually gripped the pill container, moving it slowly towards you. You moved it closer towards your face. Just before you put them in your mouth you heard a knock on the door. It was silent untill someone spoke...

"Y/n i know your in there, and i know that you have been on twitter. But just listen to me, ok, everything will get bette-" you cut him off. "How will it get better Leo? You cant makes those people stop hating me. There just gonna give me more hate and watch me suffer! Thats why i want to end it now" you said, whispering the last part. "Y/n please dont go through with this. You have so much to live for. I cant lose you now. I love you so much" he said, now crying on the other side of the door. Was this really happening? You collapsed down the side of the bath, still holding the pill container close. "Y/n let me in. If you dont i will break this door down" Leo warned. You stayed silent, not moving. "Fine" he said, and before you knew it Leo was smashing the door down. Once he got through his eyes landed on the pills. He quickly snatch the out of your hand, making them go everywhere. "WHAT DID YOU DO" you screamed at him, hitting him in his chest. He grabbed your arms and pinned you down on the floor. Knowing he was stronger you gave up. "I love you so much y/n, i could have never lived with myself if you had gone through with that just then" he said inbetween sobs. At this point he had pulled you into his lap rapping his muscular arms around you waste, making sure you wernt going to escape. "I love you y/n" he said. "I love you too" you whispered. You knew this was going to be hard but Leondre was always going to be by your side, and you loved him for that.

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