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Hi guys and gals. I have been planning on polishing the prompt list for a while now, and I finally had the time to.  I have gathered 467 prompts, divided into 6 categories (Sleep, Angst, Love, 100 ways to say I love you, General, and Sexual). You are welcome to request as many as you'd like (combining multiple prompts for one imagine is fine too). It is quite simple to request: 
First, you give me the category, then the number of the prompt(s), then the guy you want the story with, and finally what you want your story to be (angst, fluff, smut). 
Example: From the "100 ways to say I love you" category,  number 54 with Michael, make it a bit angst.
(Disclaimer: The prompts don't belong to me, I did not create them. I retrieve them from the following tumblrs: rfaimagining.tumblr.com, blissfulparker.tumblr.com, p0ck3tf0x.tumblr.com)

Sleep Prompts
1."The bed is cold without you"
2."I can't sleep, you've been gone too long"
3."Don't be nervous, you can come closer"
4."I'm sorry my bed is so old."
5."My dog...she takes up half the bed, I can kick her off if you w—" "no, I like it"
6."Carry me up to bed?"
7."I've been living off of coffee for two days I deserve to sleep!"
8."Can we at least still sleep in the same bed?"
9."When you sleep, you snore."
10."You look so much softer, so much calmer, I wish you could see yourself as you sleep."

11."I took NyQuil instead of DayQuil on accident and now I'm about to pass out."
12."We could...take a nap together?"
13."Sleeping with you was the best sleep I've gotten in years."
14."I-I miss your arms around me as I slept, I know it's embarrassing but you made me feel safe."
15."You sleep with the stuffed animal I got you?" "Of course"
16."Your pillow smells like lavender"
17."If Heaven was a place on earth it would be you in bed wearing this right now and telling me stories until we pass out."
18."What is that noise?" "I have to listen to ocean sounds to help me sleep"
19."Is it possible to sleep for two days?"
20."I think your hair is cute when you wake up, if only you could see it the way I did."

21."Goodnight love, I'll see you in my dreams."
22."It's strange I always dream of you when you're in my arms...I also don't want it to stop."
23."You're so soft, if I could ever touch the clouds, this is what they'd feel like."
24.waking up to the other counting freckles on their face
25."I know it's embarrassing I still sleep with a Night light"
26."And then I was—oh, goodnight dear."
27."The prince/princess needs their beauty sleep"
28."I have had nightmares every night for the past three weeks and now they're gone because of you, how did you do that?"
29."You smell like vanilla."
30."The sheets are warm!"

31."I got us new pillows."
32."You should see yourself when it's 12am and the moon comes in and hits your face just right, you have a soft natural highlight at the tip of your nose and all your features come out. It's like your skin is working right in front of me."
33."Will you carry me to bed?"
34."One night, just one, I pray we can sleep on our own."
35."This is embarrassing but I had a bad dream and back home when this happens I normally just crawl into bed with my mom or sister but since they're not here anymore can I sleep with you?"
36."Keep talking, your voice helps me sleep."
37."I've spent all my nights dreaming of you in my arms peacefully sleeping and here you are."
38."Stop moving into trying to sleep"
39."It's just a nightmare, it's nothing real."
40."You should sleep in my bed more often."

41."Sorry, were you sleeping?"
42."You nap, I'll stay awake"
43."Are you awake?"
44."I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you're okay."

1."Give me a chance."
2."Not you again..."
3."Leave me alone."
4."I don't love you anymore."
5."Why do you hate me?"
6."I lost the baby."
7."I thought you loved me."
8."I don't need you anymore."
9."I can't believe you!"
10."We can't keep this up forever."

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