Chapter IX

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"Can you believe they all left me?" I took a swing of the bottle of wine still inside the paper bag. My feet were rested on the dashboard as he drove. "Nathan, Jonathan, Sarah," I went on.

"I didn't leave you," he argued and I laughed.

"Yes you did. You told me, and I quote, "I'll meet you in Hell"," I said, beginning to feel the buzzing affect  of the alcohol. "And then you preceded by driving off to God knows where. Literally," I laughed. "And then I ended up in Vienna and got taken by your crazy ass brother," I went on, thinking back. "I mean, what the hell has my life become? Or maybe I should say: What has my death become?"

"All I'm wondering is why would Michael come now? Nothing drastic's happened," he thought out loud and I looked at him.

"Nathan told me angels can't have siblings. That your made of "light"," I air-quoted. "Or some crap like that."

"I'm an archangel," he retorted and I raised my arms in the air.

"Sorry your highness," I snorted.

"We are divinity. The first beings ever created. Michael was the first, then Gabriel, myself and finally, Raphael. So in a sense, we are brothers. I was close to Michael once. He was my ally and I dare say, my friend. But one day, we disagreed and thus began the eternal feud."

"So this whole entire thing is over a disagreement?"

"In a way, yes."

"And your both still fighting?" I laughed.

"He brought me to Hell. Heaven was at war and he personally volunteered to bring me to eternal damnation without even a second thought, like I meant nothing to him. So yes, I'm still a little pissed," he huffed and I bit my lip.

"A war?" I asked curiously.

"The Revelation war. I gathered a third of the angels by my side, who believed in my cause. Michael gathered his army and so it began. It's where he got his name, Prince of Light and where I got mine, Prince of Darkness. We are complete opposites in every possible way. He is praised for his modesty and I am shamed for my pride. He is always portrayed as Light and a symbol for Good, but nobody knows what he's done. Nobody knows the real story."

"And what is the real story?" I asked, on the edge of my seat.

"I believe that is a tale for another day," he smiled and I groaned. I looked outside and took another sip of expensive wine.

"Why New York?" I asked.

"There's something I'm looking for," he said, his eyes remaining on the road. "Are you sure about this?" he asked when I became quiet. My eyes were fixed to the wing mirror as I watched everything grow smaller and smaller behind us.

"Yeah," I sighed. "There's nothing left for me there anymore. I need a fresh start."

"Well then, there's no better place than New York for a fresh start," he grinned.

"You know what, you're right," I looked down at my chest and brought my hands up behind my neck. I unclasped the hook and removed the locket from under my shirt. I didn't bother opening it. I didn't want to see her face and realize that she really was gone. It would have been easier if she would have died, because then I would have the memories of my childhood to hold onto. But now she was still alive, but I knew that deep down, she will never be the woman who raised me. And then, I did something I never thought I'd do. I took it in my hand and squeezed it in my palm a moment before opening the window and tossing off into the ditch. It felt like the ropes that had been holding me back had just been cut. I could breath again.

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