Chapter 29.

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"You caught my truth in the worst way
Through the dirty lens of a broken smile
And I swear I'm not a pretender
Sometimes it's love who's the biggest liar"


I'm starting to think Harry just likes walking around his apartment naked, or he's doing it on purpose just to stress me out.

He didn't even bother to get out of his towel and put pants on until well after midday, I almost choked on the breakfast he made when I watched him move around the kitchen, seeing the muscles in his back stretch and flex when he would open a cupboard, or washed the frying pan.

Small talk wasn't something I was use to with him, but I did find it cute when he asked what my favourite thing to have for breakfast was and he offered to make it for me tomorrow.

I told him I at least need to go home by Saturday, I really only bought enough clothes for two days, to which he gave his usual answer of "just don't wear clothes then", and I just rolled my eyes which earned a playful smack on the bum from him saying "Don't roll your eyes at me young lady".

I had called Maurine when I got to Harry's yesterday, explaining what had happened, and that I wouldn't be able to come in with my face the way it is, and also scolded her over the resume incident.

Maurine reminded me that she would be fine there on her own, and she only hired me as an excuse to see my face everyday, and she wants me to pursue what makes me happy. I may have gotten slightly emotional over that, but it had been an intense twenty four hours and my emotions were already in overdrive anyway.

Maurine also said she was going to shove her crystals up Andy's ass after she curses them - bless her.

She really does feel like the mother I never had, considering the one I had acted more like a dictator instead of a parent.

Harry said he had organised with work that he could stay home until Friday, I tried to hide my sneaky smile at the thought of spending over twenty four hours with him straight, but also felt uneasy - what were we going to talk about? I'm terrible at conversation, especially when somebody like him makes me squirm just from looking at me and forget how to speak English.

I'm still playing guess who with what he does for work, because he seems to come and go as he pleases with it, maybe he's self employed?  But he said he has an office? Maybe he owns his business? He's never mentioned having a boss and while he doesn't throw it around, it's noticeable that he's fairly well off financially.

Yet another mystery.

We've spent the last hour sitting on his couch, watching a movie neither of us are paying attention to, between the glances we steal at each other, or when he held his arm out to coax me to lay my head in his lap and then his fingers went to dip under the hem of his shirt that he refused to let me get changed out of on my thigh, tracing mindless patterns over my skin, and it's all I could focus on.

"I'm going to have to cancel my interview on Monday" I say absently, watching the figures move on the TV but not registering them.

Harry's fingers pause on my leg, moving to tuck my hair behind my ear "Why?"

He sounds like he think it's the most absurd thing in the world.

I shrug my shoulders "I can't go into an interview with my face looking like this, and I don't have a camera any more - and I can't afford a new one any time soon"

I do feel dissapointed about having to cancel the interview, I hadn't much time to think about it since everything happened but when I thought about it earlier I realised just how much I would love that job, but also the crushing hurt that Andy had purposely smashed my camera just to take that away from me.

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