the backyardigans

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Lucky thumped his head against the jail bars.

"I wanna... go... home."

"Maybe if someone hadn't gotten us arrested..." Lacey murmured under her breath.

Lucky stuck a finger in the air, his forehead still pressed against the metal, "I heard that."

"You were supposed to," Lacey rolled her eyes.

"Guys, c'mon. Quit the bickering, we'll be out soon." Noah groaned, his eyes closed, trying to sleep while sitting against the cold wall.

"...I've never been to jail before." Keith muttered, sounding slightly worried, and scared.

Sitting next to him on the floor was Max, who placed a hand on his knee.

"You'll be okay, I've been through this dozens of times," he tried to reassure him, but Keith just ended up burying his face in his hands, groaning.

"I really hope Aria gets the bail money," Lucky sighed.

"She will," said Noah.

"Definitely," Lacey chimed in, "if there's one thing Aria would put above everything else, it's the people she cares about."



I woke up with sleepy, heavy eyelids. My body tired from the night before.

I wiggled my fingers, but noticed they were intertwined with someone else's. Noah.

In his sleep, he cradled me from behind, arms wrapped around me. I was wearing his shirt.

I hugged his arm tighter, smiling.

I felt a soft kiss on the top of my head.

"Good morning," his sleepy voice was at the top of my 'favorite things in the world' list.

"Were you already awake?" I asked.


I chuckled.

"It's morning..." I mumbled.


"We had sex..."


"...We have to get up."

"Mnn Mnn" He hummed a 'no', and snugged me closer to him.

"Noaaahhh," I whined, sleepily. I actually really didn't want to leave his arms, but morning breath was one of my weird insecurities.

"I needa brush my teeth."

Noah sighed, and I wiggled out of his hold.

I had almost stood up when his arm reached out and pulled me back into the snug bed, toasted from our body heat. He held me once more, this time my face snugged into his chest.

"Mmm just a little longer..." he mumbled into my hair.

I sighed contently, not even caring about my teeth.

The bed was so summery, I was laying with the boy I loved. It was a Saturday. It literally couldn't get better than this.

I wrapped my arms around him, almost falling asleep in his warmth. He was like a big protective blanket.

"You're so warm..." I mumbled.

I felt his chin rest on the top of my head. My heart fluttered.

I kissed his chest softly.

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