Chapter 7

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I awoke to find myself curled up between the roots of the tree. I hugged myself, trying to keep what little warmth I had left and I mentally cursed myself for not bringing my cloak. I sighed and decided to try and light a fire before I ended up with hypothermia and to make matters worse it had started raining. I shuffled along, picking up sticks as I went. The slight rain turned into a downpour and the icy droplets instantly chilled me to the bone. I stumbled along the muddy ground, barely able to see because of the sheets of water falling infront of my face. My teeth chattered, my whole body shook and I all I wished for was for some warmth.

I continued walking, stumbling every so often. Just as I was about to colapse, my feet slipped from underneath me and I went tumbling down a steep slope. I groaned in pain as I hit the ground at the bottom, I tried to stand but apparently I had landed hard on my right foot causing me to sprain my ankle.  As I dragged myself along the wet and muddy ground a shadow loomed over my head. I didn't dare look knowing exactly what it was, a titan. I ignored my own warnings and looked the titan dead in the eye," Shit, shit, shit, not now." I muttered under my breath. I clawed at the ground pulling myself backwards. Bad move. The titan lurched forwards, directly towards me. I closed my eyes to wait for my death but before the titan had the chance to kill me I heard a loud thud as the titan fell before me.

"L-Levi? W-What are you d-doing here?" I managed to say before my voice faded away." Saving your ass, brat." He replied," Why the fuck did you have to run away?" He asked, glaring at me," I-I.." I tried to answer but my voice didn't seem to be working. I attempted to stand but ended up back in the mud, I watched as Levi walked towards me taking off his cloak and placing it over my shoulders. He buttoned the front and then lifted my chin up so I was looking at him," Filthy." He simply stated. He then picked me up bridal style and sent a anchor flying into a tree, I clung to his chest as we flew through the air towards HQ.

As we entered the gates of HQ, Levi wouldn't let me go," I can walk now." I said as I struggled against his grip," No." he ordered," I'm fine I can walk now, please let me walk." I whined, my pleas weren't get to him. I huffed in annoyance and let him carry me. Luckily we didn't come across anyone along the way to wherever Levi was taking me, as we reached a room Levi gently put me down." Go bathe and put something dry on." He commanded. I realised he had brought me to his room again, how many times had I been in here now? I limped over to the bathroom and ran myself a bath, I peeled the soaking clothes off my body and submerged myself in the steaming water.

Once I had finished off cleaning myself I forced myself to leave the warmth of the bath. I noticed a few clothing items folded onto of the bench. I guessed that this was what I was meant to get changed into. As I changed I realised that the items were almost too big for me, I wondered who's clothes they were. I exit the bathroom noticing that Levi was sitting on the edge of the bed, his eyes snapped up to meet mine and then I felt them wandering over my body. He stood and walked over to where I was standing," You look good in my clothes, Amber." Levi said with a smirk," What!? You didn't tell me that these were yours." I squeaked, I felt my cheeks heating up. The events of the past days caught up on me and I let out a yawn. I only remember Levi was standing there when he picked me up and placed me on the bed," W-What are you d-doing?" I asked, hoping he would leave me alone.

" You're staying here tonight." Levi ordered," I'll be fine in my own room, Levi." I sighed. He laid down next to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, drawing me closer to his body. I didn't have enough energy to fight back, so instead I leant my head back against his chest feeling the rise and fall with each breath that he took. The steady rhythm eventually put me to sleep.

The similar feeling of having someones breath on my neck woke me once again," Eren?" I asked, still half asleep," Why are you asking for that idiot, brat." Levi muttered, I had obviously awoken him." Nevermind." I quickly said hoping he would drop it," I better get going now though." I said wanting to get out of there now," Tch, you're staying until I say you can go." Levi growled, pulling me closer to his body. I kept struggling against his grip in the hopes that he would give up and let me go," If you wanted to leave that bad you should have said." Levi sighed, letting go of me. I quickly muttered goodbye as I walked out the door and continued down towards my room, just as I had shut the door I heard a quiet knock come from the other side.

I opened my door to see Eren standing there. No break for me I guess," Hey, Eren." I greeted," How come you didn't tell me you were back." He said quietly, concern filling his voice," I just managed to make it back this morning, sorry I would have come and seen you sooner but I was going to get some rest first." I said trying to convince him that it was the truth," Well, would it be okay if I stayed with you while you sleep?" Eren said, his cheecks suddenly bright red." Yeah, if you want." I giggled at his embarrassment.  He took my hand and led me over the my bed, he colasped onto it bringing me down right onto his chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a quick peck on the lips but he didn't want to stop there, he put his hand around the back on my head and pulled me into a deep kiss. When we broke away we were left happy," I guess you want to sleep now." He said," Yeah, I'm tired." I replied. I climbed off his chest and laid down next to him, he wrapped his arms around me making me feel safe and secure. He drew me closer to his chest, running his fingers through my hair in a calming way as I drifted off to sleep.

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