"What is your problem?" I demanded of her, staring up at her. Yeah, up. She was wearing 6' heels making her taller than me. Stupid short ass genes, it didn't make trying to stand up to people easy, I'll tell us that.

"You," she sneered, baring her canines at me, great. Just my luck that I get the attention of a crazy Were.

"What have I done to you? I've only been here a few days!" I waved my hands and arms around wildly, talking animatedly as I was getting frustrated.

"You took him away from me! He wasn't even gay!" She yelled, her hand coming across my face, the sound of skin hitting skin bouncing off of the hallway walls and fading away with an echo.

"I have no idea who you are talking about," my voice may have sounded calm but on the inside I had the feeling if something was wanting to come out, to rip this bitches head off.

"I can see your eyes flashing. Let him out," she purred, changing tactics and trying to flirt with me. Too bad I've forever been gay and a slut like her wouldn't even remotely tempt me.

"No," two strong, male voices said simultaneously from the end of the hallway.

When I looked over my shoulder I saw Giovanni and Parker, both standing with there legs apart, arms crossed over their chests and glares aimed at Holly.

"Baby!" Holly squealed making me cringe back from the high pitch sound. She ran over to Gio and wrapped her arms around his waist, he didn't look happy and that made me happy.

"I'm so glad you're here baby! Tell this faggot to leave you alone," she gave him a pout and held onto his arm when he tried pushing her away.

"Can you...?" Gio looked over at Parker and all he did was nod before grabbing Holly's hips and pulling her away.

"And don't," he walked over to me, wrapping his arm around my waist, "talk about my Mate like that."

"Mate? Mate? He can't be!" She screamed, wriggling around in Parker's arms, "I'm your Mate! You're just too blind to see it! One you get rid of him we can be together again!"

"Again?" I whispered to myself as Gio gave orders to Parker.

"Take her away," Gio waved his hands over to Parker who eventually dragged Holly away kicking and screaming, literally. I could feel my eardrums ringing from the sound of it all.

I sighed in relief though when she was gone and let the tension out of my body and relaxed against Gio's side

"You okay baby?" He asked after a moment of silence.

"Yeah," I lied, turning in his arms and looking up at his grey eyes, they were shinning with something close to adoration, "was it true?"

"Was what true?"

"Am I your Mate?" I couldn't look in his eyes any longer so instead I traced the design on his top with my fingers. If he said no, I would be heartbroken, because even from the little time we've spent together I feel like I've known him a lifetime.

"Yeah," he nudged my head to the side with his nose and buried his in my neck, "that's why I want to court you. Which means embarrassing myself, which I never do so you're lucky."


"And that leads me to my next question, will you go on a date with me?"

"Yes," there was no hesitation and I smiled.


"Spence?" I was sitting in the living room on the floor, my homework was on the coffee table and I gave up an hour ago, instead reading my book. Homework just took up too much time, plus my short attention span made me less likely to do it in the few hours after school.

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