chapter 39

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Rosie pov:-

I hummed softly, an old song lyrics to myself as I walked in the garden. My one hand was firmly placed on my small baby bump, I was in my fourth month now. It was peaceful and calm surrounding but for some reason my heart was not. There was this unknown fear that settled in my heart.

Everything was going accordingly fine, even in the human kingdom. The witches are yet to attack. There was this fear of the open war the witches declared. Both the kingdom, plus the vampire kingdom are training ruthlessly, Edward said it was difficult for the witches to win over three kingdom at a same time. But still a small fear was placed inside my heart.

I sighed softly and turned around to return back to the place but before I could I heard a rustling sound from the far corner, I frowned and looked around to call for the guards but none were present. I looked around confused as the scene before me changed something into a vision like.

I freezed in place, my heart stopped at the sight before me. The brightness around me changed into darkness in a split second. My head snapped towards the rustling sound, I was reminded of the dead man, months ago. The blood and the detached limbs flashed before my eyes. My mouth opened to scream but no sound came from my mouth.

From the rustling bushes, came running a small girl drenched in blood, she ran towards me, her mouth twisted in a angry snarl. I tried to move away but I couldn't feel my body. My eyes widened as she neared me with full force. My mouth opened in a soundless scream and my eyes shut close.

I slap sound resonated around me, as my head snapped to the side bringing me back to my sense. My hand flew towards my burning cheek, I looked before me, breathing heavily, tears burned in my eyes as I saw my worried and terrified looking husband. He realized that I was back in my sense, he came closer towards me and held my shoulders shaking me.

"Rose, I'm sorry I slapped you, I didn't know what to do to bring you back in reality. I was scared as you just stood there screaming, looking at the same place. I tried to talk to you but yo-...", I interrupted him by launching myself in his arms, letting a painful cry. He stumbled back at the sudden force but he soon regained his balance.

I slowly cried in his shoulder, wetting his crisp shirt. He held tight me in arm showing how he was scared. I pulled back and kissed him. I opened my barrier and let him in, showing him what I just and poured how much I was scared in the kiss.

He pulled back too soon and leaned his forehead on mine. His eyes showed pain and guilt. His palm came to rest on my stomach and pulled me closer towards him with his other hand.

"Im sorry, I couldn't come sooner", he mummered near my lips, I was still shaken up by the scene, that I couldn't reply but just shake my head. I looked up at him but a sudden dizziness made me close my eyes, I heard Edward calling out my name, but I was long gone, scumbled into darkness.


I walked through the dark Forest, searching for something or someone, I don't know. My heart was pounding in my chest, my heart beat was the only thing that could be heard in the dark, silent forest. My body halted itself before a big manor, the manor was old and broken.

I cautiously entered the gates, something inside was calling out to me, my heart started to beat more louder and louder. I entered inside the manor through a broken door. I coughed as the dust around me rised on its own, the cowebs around the house started vanishing on its own.

The broken wall fixed itself, light started floodings inside the manor, the huge grande chandelier lit on its own. The old manor changed itself into a new one right infornt of my eyes. I heard a small laughter and a pair of footsteps coming towards me, I turned just in time to see the same girl, before who was drenched in blood but now clean, ran right past me, laughing merrily.

Another set of pair of footsteps followed, I turned towards the sound. My hand flew to my mouth to stop the gasp which threatened to fall out of my lips. It was same man, the same dead man, but now he looked very much alive, not a trace of blood and the sinister smile was replaced by a genuine smile.

He too ran past me laughing, and chased the girl before lifting her in his arms and swirled her around. Their both laughter resonated around the beautiful manor. My eyes watered at the sight of the two people who haunted me in two different ways.

"Oh, your back, we were just waiting for you", the man said as he turned towards me, smiling at me lovingly. I looked confused but my confusion was cleared as a woman walked from behind me and walked towards the man. The woman smiled and placed a small kiss on his lips before kissing the girls forehead.

"Mommy", the small girl whispered.

"So how was the meeting with your sister, did she accept to come back", the man asked the woman but she sighed sadly before shaking her head in no. Her eyes glistened with unshed tears

"She is admant of not returning, I begged her but she didn't accept it. What more can I do to make her come back?", She cried softly, the man bought her closer to him into his arms.

"Shhhh, don't cry my love, she will understand, she is still young give her some more time, Im sure she will return back", he said softly comforting by his reassuring words. She stepped back from his arms and smiled at him.

"How come you always knew the correct words to say?", She smiled fondly at him, he lifts her off feet and twirls her around.

"Because, my wife, I just do", they both laugh, their laughter resonates around. The small girl also laughs clapping her hands and jumping on her heals.

But soon their laughter stops as the window beside them shatter into pieces, the small girl screams in fear and runs near her parents. The man places the woman back and turn towards the mess on the floor.

My heart beats faster again as the arrow passes right through me and lands swiftly on the mans shoulder cutting his arm off. The woman screams in horror as she watches her husband fall in ground writhing in pain. Another arrow passes through, lodging itself straight on the small girl heart. I scream with the woman but my scream is not heard while her scream resonates the whole manor.

More arrows pass through me, lodging itself on the people before me. I try to move but my body stays in forzen state. Their blood flows on the marble floor towards my feet. I hear a shouts and scream from outside.

"Die witch, die", the horrible chants grew louder and louder. Three of them before me writhing in pain, trying to hold each other hands. The woman was the only one who was alive, she desperately tried to hold her husband's hand, I once again tried to move but I couldn't. My feets were rooted to the bloody marble floor. I was aware of the tears that flowed in my eyes.

I saw the woman finally reached her dead husband hand, she cried softly and kissed his palm before she turned and looked straight in my eyes, she uttered the words with utter hate lacing in each word.

"I will destroy you,its a promise"


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