Chapter Three

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Kayleigh's pov

Everybody got to the island around six o'clock the next night. Shawn planned a nice supper for everyone so I put on a white sundress with some sandals and curl my hair.

I give everyone a hug before sitting down beside Shawn and Sara. We all drink entirely too much wine, and wine drunk Kayleigh is kind of a crazy version.

Somebody is playing music somewhere in the distance and I stand up and drag Shawn up with me. "What are you doing?" he laughs, he is also quite tipsy.

"I'm dancing with my soon to be husband," He smiles showing his white teeth and twirls me before bringing me closer to him. We clumsily stumble each other's feet, giggling to ourselves.

I can feel the eyes of everyone around us but really don't care. He spins me around a few more times before I start to feel dizzy, and I don't know if it's from the dancing or the booze.

"Woah woah woah," I say making Shawn stop and trying to get myself balanced.

"You okay?" he asks still laughing.

"Yes, just dizzy,"

"Do you want to go to bed?" he rubs my arm and helps me stand up.

"Okay," I'm trying to remember how much I had to drink but I can't seem to remember.

We say good night to everyone before walking back to our room, slowly so that we don't fall over. "Do you want to see something cool?" he asks me stopping me from going any further. I nod my head and he tries to click his heels together twice. He fails a couple times making me laugh. On the third try his legs sweep from under him and he falls backwards into a bush making me almost fall over in laughter.

He starts laughing too and reaches for me to help me up. I can't believe I get to see that smile everyday for the rest of my life.


2 days later

My obnoxious alarm awakes me from a nice dream, the kind that you never want to wake up from. I roll over to say good morning only to find the bed empty. I forgot that he was in his own room last night, it's the big day.

I get out of bed and take a nice bath in the jacuzzi. When I get out there is a tray of breakfast left for me on the bed. I take out a notebook from the drawer and begin to write a letter to Shawn. Surprisingly enough this was Shawn's idea, he said he saw it when he was little in a movie and has always wanted to do it.

Dear Shawn,

My love, my best friend, my soulmate. I can say with all honesty and belief, that I am the luckiest girl in the world. Our love story is a great one, a classic. I know I took a little convincing at first at just how amazing you are, but I came around. I think I was just scared all that time. Because I knew how good you were, and how if I fell for you, that would be it, you'd be the last one. My one. And that's a big commitment, and we're young, and I was scared. But I have never been more confident in you, and us. I am so so proud of you and your career, and I can't wait to be beside you through it all for the rest of your life. I can't wait to see our kids running around our house, and backstage at your concerts. This is going to be a good life. And it starts today, just me and you.

I love you, so much.
Xx, Kay

I put it in an envelope and seal it with his name.

Somebody knocks on the door and I open it to see Aaliyah, Sara, Karen and my mom. I smile and give them all big hugs. We sit and chat for a few minutes before our hair and makeup team comes in and we have to start getting ready.

Shawn's pov

Brian, my dad and I are sitting in my room. Luckily we don't take as long as the girls do to get ready.

I excuse myself and go outside to write the letter to Kayleigh.


Big day, the biggest. But also will be the best, at least one of many. I know it took a little while for you to come around at first, and I know I have been a complete idiot at times. But I love you so much. And I can't wait to call you my wife. I can't wait for you to be a mom and I will be a dad, and I promise you that you and our family will always be first with me. I love what I do, you know that, but I love you even more. And I would drop everything if you needed me to, because you are my person and I will do anything for you. I always see in movies that people get nervous before making a commitment like marriage. But I have never been so sure. So sure that you are the person that I will love and be with forever, just as sure as I was that night I met you.

I'll see you soon, I love you always.

I give Brian the letter and he disappears with it. A few moments later mom knocks on the door, holding a letter addressed to me.

I go outside to read it and start to cry as I do so. I don't know why but I always cry at stuff like this, I'm pretty sure I'll be a mess during the actual wedding.

I start to get ready about two hours before it's time. Kay and I decided on a navy suit with brown dress shoes and just a white shirt. Josiah is snapping away on his camera, "Dude, make sure you don't miss Kay getting dressed too,"

"Oh yeah I got it, I told her to wait until I got back," he says and winks at me.

Josiah and Brian leave a few minutes later, leaving just me and my dad. "Are you nervous?" He asks.

I shake my head no. "Not really, should I be?"

He chuckles and walks over to me. "When I married your mom I was pretty much shitting my pants,"

"Why? You didn't know if you were ready or not?"

"No I was more than ready. She is just out of my league, and I thought she might run." He laughs thinking about the memory. "But you seem happy, which makes me happy."

"I am happy. Really happy," he smiles at me and slaps my shoulder in comfort.

A half hour later and Mom knocks on the door, "It's time."

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