Chapter Two

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Kayleigh's pov

The next week flew by. Even though we're eloping there was still a lot to do. I've managed I get all the flights and rooms sorted out. And thankfully I was able to find somebody to do my hair and makeup on such short notice. We leave in a few hours and I am getting very excited.

My phone buzzes and I look at it to see a text from Sara.

Sara: I bought you something. It's in a pink bag in your closet, make sure you pack it for the big night;)

I open up my closet and see a pale pink bag. I open it to see fancy lingerie, which is definitely a Sara thing to get me. There's a little note that reads: thought you better be looking sexy for the big night, if this doesn't take his breath away I don't know what will

I laugh and text her thank you before tucking it in my suitcase. I have quite a few suitcases packed. One for my dress, and a big one so that it doesn't get too destroyed, and then one for my clothes while we are there and then one for my makeup and shoes and one for our honeymoon. Shawn hasn't told me where he planned the honeymoon and he didn't even let me pack my own suitcase so I have no hints.

Somebody came over yesterday and packed it for me, which was a little weird, but whatever.

"Kay, are you almost ready?" Shawn calls from the living room.

"Yes, just need one minute," I walk around the room making sure I didn't forget anything. My eyes linger on Shawn's draw beside his bed. Should I pack condoms? No I'm sure he's got some.

I walk out to meet him and he helps me with my bags. "God I hope we have everything," I say a little stressed.

He stops me and turns me towards him with his hands on my shoulders. "Hey hey hey, relax, we've got everything. And even if you do forget something it will be fine. Okay?" He kisses me. "I can't wait to marry you,"

"Well luckily you didn't have to wait very long," I tease and kiss him back.

"Thank god," he kisses my neck making me squirm and scream a little. I wrap my arms around him, never wanting to let go.


The island is absolutely beautiful. Shawn and I were alone on the private plane, Andrews gift to us, which was really nice. The rest of the crew is getting here so Shawn and I have the night to ourselves. We're sharing a room until the night before the wedding, and then after that we are going to the honeymoon suite until we leave again.

A staff member shows us to our room and it's beautiful. I can't imagine what the suite will look like compared to this.

Is already 8 o'clock and the sun is setting, we can see it perfectly over the water from our view. The staff takes our baggage for us and takes the bag with my dress to hang up in the room I'll be getting ready in for the day of.

About an hour later and we are all settled in. "Let's go to the beach," he says which I am down for.

I put on a light sweater and some denim jeans. He holds my hand and leads me outside to the white sand beach. The stars are shining brightly and there isn't a cloud in sight. Shawn sits down on the sand which is warm beneath my feet. I sit between his legs and lean against him, feeling the warmth of his body against mine.

He kisses the top of my head making me smile. We sit like that for a long time, not speaking, just enjoying each other's company.

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