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Hi my name is Theresa and I miss Juffy, so enjoy this content

PROMPT: Buffy realizes why she broke up with Walker while talking to Jonah about it
Word Count: 853

The sound of a basketball pounding on the ground has been going on for the past hour and a half as Buffy practices her free throws, Jonah sitting up in the bleachers working on an English project.
    However, the pounding gets very annoying after a long period of time, so he wants to give some excuse for Buffy to stop.
   "Hey, how about we go to The Spoon?" Jonah asks,"Or literally anything else that'll make you take a break." he chuckles, closing his laptop. Buffy sighs in annoyance and chucks the ball at the hoop, only to have it bounce off the backboard and onto the ground. Jonah's eyes widen at Buffy's sudden rage, "Woah, I just asked if you wanted some Baby Taters," he shrugs, "No need to flip out."
   Buffy rolls her eyes, "I'm not flipping out!" she raises her voice. Jonah nervously smiles, "Really? Because it sounds like you're flipping out."
"Those might have been my last words."

   Buffy puts her hand on her hip, "Why are you even here?" she asks, narrowing her eyes at him. Jonah furrows his brows, "You invited me." He says. "Oh," Buffy says, her cheeks heating in embarrassment, "Right." she grabs another ball off of the rack and shoots it, making it go in the hoop. "Why did you invite me?" Jonah asks, his cheeks heating as well. Buffy takes another shot, continuing their conversation. "Well, Cyrus is with TJ, Andi's with Amber, so you're my only friend left," her tone hardens, "If I can even call you that."
"Not exactly the answer I was expecting."

"What do you mean?" Jonah fidgets with the zipper of his sweatshirt anxiously, "I'm not your friend?"
"You tell me," she shoots once more, "Do friends meddle in their other friend's love life?"
"Oh. That's it."

Jonah nods, "I see what this is about," he says, "Walker." Buffy doesn't reply as she just keeps dribbling the ball in stress. However, when Jonah doesn't say any more, she breaks the silence. "Why did you let him do that when you know I don't like surprises?" she asks, her voice quieter. Jonah sighs as his face softens. "He asked me to," he says, "And I wanted to do something special for you."
"Did I just say that?"

  Buffy shrugs, "Still, you shouldn't have done it," she says. She is about to shoot the ball, but Jonah comes down from the bleachers and grabs it from her hands before she can. "Hey, give that back!" Buffy shrieks and lunges for it, but Jonah holds his hand out, stopping her. "You want it back?" he asks. Buffy nods. "Okay," Jonah chuckles and throws the ball above Buffy's head and to the other side of the gym.
   She tries to hide her laugh with a groan, but it doesn't really work. "Fine, Beck, you win this round." she says. Buffy walks to the bleachers and sits down, taking a sip from her water bottle. Jonah laughs and sits next to her.

   "Okay, Driscoll, tell me," he says, "Why did you break up with Walker anyway?" Buffy furrows her eyebrows, "Do you not remember what we were just talking about?" Jonah rolls his eyes playfully, "Yeah," he says, "But it can't just be the dance thing, or the shoes." Buffy goes silent as she twists a dark, curly lock around her finger. "He's a really great guy, he's cute, but I just never really felt that spark, you know?" she says. Jonah nods.
"Oh, I know."

   "Anyways, I guess I was mad at you the most because you should know how to get me a good gift." Buffy chuckles. Jonah's cheeks tint pink, "What do you mean?" he asks. "The time capsule, remember?" she lightly pushes his shoulder, "You planned all that out for me." Jonah smiles, "Yeah, I did."
"That's the type of surprise I want from a guy," Buffy says, "It was nice, and you respected my wishes." she smiles. "What else do you look for in a guy?" Jonah asks with a little shrug. Buffy smirks.
"Well, I like guys who get me," she says, "Like you at the Renaissance Fair." Jonah's face turns even more red. "Go on."
   "I also like guys who, when we're together, we're able to break down each other's walls" she shrugs, "Like the way we're talking right now." Buffy's face softens as she looks into Jonah's green eyes that just all of a sudden got even brighter. "What are you saying?" Jonah asks, a smile tugging at his lips. Buffy giggles and ruffles his hair. "I'm saying...that maybe the reason I didn't really like Walker, was because I actually liked you." she smiles.


   "Really?" Jonah asks, his eyes lively. Buffy laughs at his quirkiness and nods, "Yeah." Jonah grins widely, "I know that you hate being predictable, but do you want to go to Fall Formal with me?"
   Buffy scoffs playfully, "Wow, you jerk," she jokes.
"I'd love to."

Jonah's heart beats a million per minute as he and Buffy slowly interlock their fingers, not needing any more words.

"Best promposal ever."


Idk why this is so short lol

But yeah, that's the oneshot! I hope I satisfied my fellow juffies.

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