That Still Voice Part 2

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‘’Henry, come on we have to leave’’I said following after him.

‘’There's something over here!’Henry said looking into some hole in the wall.

‘’Seriously, Henry!’’I said walking over to him/

‘’Henry, you gotta slow down’’Archie said behind us.

‘’There's something shinny down there'’Henry said.

‘’This is seriously dangerous we got to get out of here’’Archie said.

‘’It could be something’’Henry said. I rolled my eyes.

‘’Henry, look at me, im frightened for you both, Henry!’’Archie said crouching down to his level.

‘’Because you think im crazy?’’Henry asked

‘’No! no because we are trapped underground  in a abandoned mine, Henry and there is no way out’’

''What do you mean there is no way out?’’ i asked my voice straining.

‘’The entrance clasped. We cant get out’’Archie said. I stepped back a step. Oh my god! I heard some barking, a dog.

‘’Did you hear that?’’I asked

‘’Its Pongo!’’Henry said. We all started walking down the tunnel, following the noise. Is there a way out?

‘’Its loudest over here’’Archie said leading us to a elevator.

‘Whats this?’’Henry asked. I moved the piece of plastic over.

‘’It looks like, an old elevator’’Archie said.

‘’What is it for?’’Henry asked

‘’Its to get the mine workers in and out.’’Archie stepped inside of the elevator’’Goes all the way to the top. That’s why we could hear Pongo.’’

‘’Is there a way to make it work?’’I asked

‘’lets give it a shot’’Archie said. We all got into the elevator. I really hope this works! Archie stated to move the wheel that would make the elevator go up.

‘’Come on’’he said. I grabbed onto the wheel helping to turn it. It was old so it was hard to turn but with the combined strength of Archie, Henry, and I it was moving. I heard a huge explosion and I held onto henry tight and he held onto me as well. The elevator fell back down, Archie grabbed onto us and we all fell down onto the ground and the elevator fell.

We sat in the elevator, it was broken now, there was no way that it would work after that explosion thing. It was stuck. I sat on the ground with my knees to my chest.

‘’Im really, really sorry’’Henry said sitting down next to me, across from Archie.

‘’Its alright’’Archie said

‘’Its fine, Henry’’I said giving him a soft smile, but inside i was scared.

‘’I just wanted to find proof.’’

That is the saddest thing I have heard ever! Just the way that he said it, it was heartbreaking.

‘’No, its really all right, Henry. I mean, sorry, too. Look, I don’t think you’re crazy. I just..i just think that you’ve got a very strong mother who’s got a clear idea of the path that she wants you to be on and when you step off that, she gets scared, and, you know, that’s natural, but its also natural for you to be able to be free to think the things that you want to think. So, anyway, I didn’t mean those things I said, and I never should have said them’’Archie said. I can see why Henry thinks he is Jiminy Cricket.

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