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Riley liked to sit in the library by herself

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Riley liked to sit in the library by herself. She liked how quiet it was, as no one really went there. She liked to read books, study and write in there, as it was quiet and she could escape her life with the cheerleaders and glee club.

She hummed a tune she made up, writing down some lyrics for her songs. Her pen danced across the page of her notebook, a song in her mind forming. She had never told anyone, but she had been writing songs for a while now. She started a few yeas ago but she likes to think she's improved a lot. She's been through more and wrote her feelings through her songs. It was just one of her many hidden talents that she never let out. She didn't want to be pushed into a certain stereotype that would make her less popular.

Singing used to be one of them but that was out. Now she really was in glee club, but she refused to let that ruin her popularity. She could could play many instruments but she didn't want to be classified as a band geek, especially since people didn't even know the names of the people in the band. She was a really good songwriter.

(She could also eat seven tacos in ten minutes but she doesn't like to talk about it).

She jumped as one of her earphones was taken out of her ear, quickly shutting her book. The songs in there were far too personal for her to share. She turned her head, shooting a dark glare at Puck, who had taken the seat next to her.

"Didn't know you knew where the library was," Riley commented, tilting her head as she raised her eyebrows at him.

"Well I did get lost twice," Puck admitted, grinning at her. She rolled her eyes, putting her things into her bag.

"Why does that not surprise me," she said, pulling her lipstick out and swiping it over her lips. She glanced at Puck, who was watching her with a smile. "What?"

"You look really pretty today," he said. Riley stared at him, unimpressed. He probably just wanted to get into her pants once again. She was determined not to fall for his tricks again. He began to rummage through his bag before he pulled out a flower. A lily, her favourite. "For you."

She raised her eyebrows, looking at him. This was very... unlike him.

"Thanks," Riley said slowly, taking the flower out of his hand, "Well, I better be off. I've got a class to attend."

"I'll walk you."

"You don't have to."

"I want to."

"Seriously, you don't."


Riley stared at him before leaning in, pressing her lips to his. After a few seconds, she pulled away, smirking at the pink smudged on his lips.

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