Tiny Klaine Stories:Rich Boy Meeting The Poor One-Part3

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Rich Boy Meeting The Poor One - Part 3

*Blaine's P.O.V*

When I reached the street, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach, my hands were shaking & I could hardly breathe as I was too excited to do so!


But he wasn't there & when I waited for like 20minutes & he didn't come, I decided to go home.

-:"What a silly idea!!! There was no guarantee that I'll see him here again. He may had just passed from here. Maybe he is a tourist! Maybe he just disliked me that much that decided not to pass here ever again..."

The thoughts were flying all around my mind & that was driving me insane while walking home in the dark streets that suddenly felt so lonely & scary.

-:"Maybe he is involved in a perfectly romantic relationship & just didn't want me to get in the way! Maybe..." I stopped when I smelled his scent in the wind:"Oh wonderful!! Now Even the wind reminds me of him, huh!!!" I laughed bitterly & kept going.

That was then when I reached a closed alley & I could swear that his scent was coming from it!

-:"Come on Blaine!! You're just being pathetic!! What would he be doing in a closed alley?!" I thought inside & kept moving but the next thought kicked me in the legs & made me stop & go back inside the alley:"What if he's fainted here or something."

So I went inside. It was dark & I couldn't see a thing so took out my cellphone & turned the flashlight on.

Moving my cellphone in the air, I tried to see everywhere. His scent could be smelled & I was beginning to believe that he had fainted there.

Then & just then I saw a body lying on his stomach on the ground.

I flinched:"Please don't be him!!"

I couldn't see his face so went closer & slowly turned the body over with my hand & almost had a heart attack when I saw his innocent face!

-:"Oh my God!!! Hey!! Hey wake up!!" I tried waking him up by shaking his shoulders but he didn't move an inch and didn't even open his eyes.

His pale face was covered with dirt & a purple bruise on his right cheek. His nose had been bleeding as dried blood was on his lips & chin & a bit on his bare chest. Yes bare chest!! Although it looked so stunning & kissable, I should mention why it was bare: his top clothing had been ripped off!!! I was terrified & put my head on his heart. It was beating slowly but at least it was beating!

I called an ambulance & sat there waiting for them while trying to cover his chest with the pieces of clothing that was left & also caressing his face whispering:"It'll be okay! I promise." But even I couldn't believe what I was saying. He looked so fragile & weak that my eyes started to warm up with tears:"Please don't leave me! I had just found you!"

*Kurt's P.O.V*

I opened my eyes to some light darting into my eyes. It was so much that I closed them just then but there was no running from it, I had to open them to know where I was so I did slowly.

Looking around I found myself in a room with white walls & in a bed with white sheets. Looking more carefully I found out that I was in a hospital room.

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