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I went back to my house the day after school had ended. Grayson insisted that he would come along with me to drop me off.

I entered my house and it was deadly silent. Aunt Martha usually wouldn't be here around this time and I was relieved.

I didn't want another confrontation, especially with Grayson.

Grayson and I stayed in my room, mainly because he wouldn't leave, and we watched movies while eating popcorn on my bed.

I fell asleep about halfway through and didn't notice Grayson slipping out of my room.


I stared at her a little longer before I turned off her computer and got off her bed.

It was dark out and she was still dressed in her school clothes. I adjusted the covers until I thought she was comfortable enough and left her room.

The front door opened as I was coming down the stairs. I assumed the person who entered was Elisa's Aunt and walked towards her.

She stopped midway after she saw me approaching her.

"Who the hell are you and why are you in my house?" Her voice raising in a high octave, slightly coated with fear.

I stalked closer to her and examined her face. I bent down a little to see her eye-to-eye.

"You hit her again, and I'll fucking kill you. Understand?" I told her in a monotone voice, trying to hide my anger.

The lady looked shocked and opened and closed her mouth.

"I-I-you-get out!" she started to stutter and point to her door.

I grabbed her face and slightly put pressure on my grip.

"I asked you something and I expect an answer."

All she did was look at me with fear in her eyes and nod.

Dumb bitch.

I released my grip and slammed the door shut behind me.

As soon as I entered my house, the smell of alcohol and cigarettes hit me.

He was back.

In the living room, a drunken slur called out to me, "Where've you been boy?"

I ignored it and walked to my room. Before I could make it, a force slammed me against the wall.

I was met with red and hazy eyes staring at me, slightly unfocused. He moved his forearm to push against my throat.

"I asked you where you were."

I slowly clenched and unclenched my jaw.

"I've been out. With a friend." I answered back.

The man snorted at me and started laugh and wheeze.

"You got a friend now boy?" He leaned into my face, his mouth in a sneer.

"I ain't your boy, now get the fuck off me." I sneered back and pushed him off me.

His eyes turned dark and he curled his fist. He hit me again and again till I was the one wheezing and gasping for air.

"That's not how you fucking talk to your father." He finished my punishment with this statement.

My hands itched and twitched while my face was doing the same. He turned his back to me and trudged over to the couch.

I let out a deep breath and entered my room. My face and body ached as I fell onto my bed.

Next to me, my phone pinged from a text notification.

sorry i fell asleep on u! See you tomorrow!

it's fine. see you.

I couldn't move my body when I woke up. Everything was sore, my face, my ribs, and my stomach.

On top of that, it smelled like shit in my room. The smell of cigarettes used to be comforting to me, but whenever he came home, it smelled disgusting.

I haven't smelled it in a long time either.

I slowly pushed myself up off the bed and walked over to the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror and winced as I lifted my shirt and saw the damage.

It didn't feel as bad as it looked, he hit like a bitch too.

I got into the shower and tried to wash the remnants of my beating off. I applied ointment and a few bandages.

I exited my room and saw a body slouched over on my couch. It'd be the best day for me if he were dead.

It hurt like hell as I tried to enter my car.



After entering Grayson's car, I noticed him wearing a black turtleneck sweater, which might I say looked very good on him.

The next thing I noticed that made me worried was his face. He had bandages on his cheeks and forehead. On his eye was a bruise and a cut on his lip.

"What happened?" I asked him and also tried to push his face towards me.

"Nothing. Fell again down some stairs." He simply responded and started his car.

"But-that doesn't look like you fell down some stairs. Did you clean it? I can help you, you know. Is somebody hurting you?"

"No." Grayson responded in a final tone.

I frowned and retreated back into my seat.

Grayson sighed next to me and softly poked my cheek to get my attention.

"I got in a small scuffle over some dumb thing."

I still didn't believe him, so all I did was shrug and look out the window.


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