ALDC Without Chloe?

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Chapter 1

Chloes POV

I was so nervous to go to dance today because at the last competition my mom and Abby had a huge fight. There was cursing and eveything. I thought I would be on probation or maybe kicked off the team. I couldn't leave ALDC, it's where all of my friends are! In the car my mom was giving me a little pep talk. "Now chloe, after pyramid I'm going to apologize to Abby, during pyramid she might punish you. But whatever happens we will work through, if your kicked out of the team, then we will find a better studio. If your on probation we will work hard to get off probation." That doesn't make me less nervous. My mom pulls up to the studio. I get out of the car. "I'll park the car and the come in ok? I love you." My mom tells me. I walk into the studio and Abby gives me a look. "On the bottom of the pyramid is Chloe. You did great on your solo but I think you, me annd your mom know why you are here." I expected that, but I thought it would be worse. Paige was on the top and I was so happy for my twinnie. "This weekend we are going to Starbound in Nashville. Chloe you will have a solo." I was shocked. "At this competition there is only 1st place. And Chloe if you don't win, you can't come back to ALDC."

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