Chapter 27

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Seth•  •  •

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Waking up with Ryan in my bed is the best way to start out the day. The smell of her coconut scented shampoo all over my sheets, all in my bathroom, my shirts she wears to sleep every night. It's intoxicating.

I honestly never thought I would enjoy a female living with me, even just staying the night, it's too personal but I actually like having Ryan here. I just wish she took me seriously, I mean I guess I don't help with the comments and jokes I make but that's just me and I can't help myself around her. I've been with a lot of girls, a lot, but she blows every single one of them out of the water.

Ryan mumbles something under her breath and squirms against me. I can't help but groan. I can't even count how many times I came last night thanks to Sasha yet all Ryan has to do is touch me, hell, give me one of her saucy smiles and I'm hard as a rock.

Fuck, if I even picture the sight of her looking at my dick, the only one she's ever seen, for the first time since I went through puberty I can get off with just a couple strokes. Ryan being a virgin is such a turn on, I just don't get how someone as hot as she is has never been thoroughly fucked. There's just something about her that's like no one else I've ever met.

I finally pry myself away from her soft warm body and get out of bed. My phone is already vibrating with texts, five from Sasha. Four of her texts are various naked pictures of her, the fifth asking when I'll be back to her place. I don't bother replying instead I sit my phone back down and jump in the shower. Yet another place that smells like Ryan. My cock is so hard it hurts and I know if I don't come before class I'll have blue balls and that shit really sucks.

I grip myself in my hand and press my back against the tiled wall. I can't help but picture Ryan's hot mouth gliding up and down my length. I'll have to teach her to deep throat, there's nothing hotter than your cock sliding in a girls mouth as deep as they can handle it, their throat closing around you like a glove.


And her mouth, she has the perfect set of lips made just to be tasted. If she ever let me kiss her I'd never want to stop. I run the pad of my thumb over the sensitive tip picturing her tongue instead.


I groan as hot cum spurts from my cock, coating the tile floor before washing down the drain.

I finish showering, brush my teeth and get dressed. The sight of Ryan's red hair tossed across my pillow makes me smile. I feel extremely guilty about blowing her off all day yesterday. Nixon's hoodie in the floor catches my attention and instantly deflates my hard on. What the hell is that doing in my room, in my floor, beside my fucking bed?

Cali did say that Nixon saved the day yesterday, what the hell did Ryan do to thank him?

I take a deep breath and go to the diner around the corner. Even though I can't get my mind off of my best friends hoodie on my bedroom floor I still feel like shit for being an asshole yesterday and Ryan doesn't deserve to be treated like that. Even higher than a kite yesterday morning, her telling me to text a fuck buddy to take care of myself pissed me off. What makes me feel worse is I did exactly what she said, I called Sasha, went to her place, and fucked her. Like an idiot.

I take the food and Ryan's coffee back to my room. Ryan is still passed out but her alarm shouldn't go off for another five minutes. I place the bag and her coffee on the nightstand by her phone. Her red hair is everywhere, my shirt pulled to the side and baring her shoulder.

Ryan groans and pushes all that sexy red hair off of her face, blinking up at me standing over her like a creep. "Is that coffee?"

I can't help but smile at her. "Yes."

She slowly picks herself up off the mattress and grabs the cup. She closes her eyes and takes a sip before finally giving me a smile back.

"Thanks Seth, I had myself convinced I could do iced coffee after yesterday but I was wrong." She admits, her voice husky from sleep.

I take a seat on the bed beside her planting my hands in my lap. My fingers are practically itching to either grab her, because damn does she look good in my shirt, or smoke a cigarette, which I know Ryan despises, either way I'm fucked which is why my hands have to remain in my lap. "It's no problem Babe. Next time something like that happens call me, you know I'm always here for you."

Except you weren't, you asshole. You were pissed and thinking with your cock and Nixon saved the day.

It won't happen again.

She tucks a messy lock of red hair behind her ear. "Well hopefully nothing like that happens again but if it does I'll be sure to call you. Believe me I was surprised Nixon offered me a ride back here, he even let me wear his hoodie because mine was soaked." She flashes me that saucy smile. "He must have been having an off day."

Off day, I bet. Even stone cold Nixon can't turn away from a topless Ryan. He may keep his emotions away from his heart but not from his cock. He's the only guy I know that would shrug over a girl he fucked having a pregnancy scare with a possibility of the baby being his, which he has. Thankfully after a paternity test he was ruled out. He's been through some tough shit though, most days I'm just thankful he's at least breathing, other days I wished he would actually feel something. He does drugs to help numb the pain but it's only temporary, the high only stays for so long before it all comes rushing back to him. I've tried numerous times to get him to go to rehab but it never works.

I pick up the hoodie from the floor. "I was wondering how this got here."

"Yeah, he dropped me off at the front of the building so I didn't get to give it back to him. He also gave me his spare key, I hope you don't mind. I'll give it back to him once I move into my dorm."

I had actually forgotten that I gave him a spare. He's never even stepped foot into my apartment.

"Nah it's cool, keep it. I don't mind you having access to me anytime you want." I smirk.

Ryan's cheeks instantly turn red. Fuck me, I love that blush. I really need to talk her out of this whole friends thing. I've never made it a habit to show my cock to my friends.

If I showed any of my other friends my cock they would probably kick me in my balls but Ryan asked to see it, she wanted to. I shift on the bed my cock uncomfortably hard yet again, I've really got to remedy this soon or my dicks gonna fall off and I can't have that. We're best fucking friends, the Hulk and I.

Ryan's alarm blares and she slips out of bed and turns it off. Yeah, I'm going to have to make her forget this whole friends thing. I'm persuasive, I've got this. It's time to man the fuck up.


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