Chapter 26

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"Son of a.. holy Jesus, that's hot!"

Yeah, not the way I expected to start my day. First of all I woke up fifteen minutes late because I shut my alarm off. Who needs Nixon when I can just do it my self apparently? I didn't have time to fix my hair or my makeup, bare faced and up in a messy bun to class I go. Seth wasn't in the apartment anywhere so I had to walk which made me even more late. I decided since I had already  missed most of economics I would just go ahead and get a coffee. Got my coffee and apparently the barista didn't get the lid all the way on and I didn't check so when I tilted it back to get a drink the piping hot liquid poured down my body, from my chest to my toes. The whole coffee shop got to witness me running around screaming and pulling my scalding hot wet t-shirt over my head like a crazy person. There I am standing in the middle of the coffee shop covered in hot coffee in my leggings and bra. The liquid had soaked my jacket and t-shirt but, luckily, hadn't touched my bra. Then, just the cherry on top of this embarrassment cake, someone called campus security because a crazy ginger was flashing everyone. They neglected to tell the officer I had just spilled a Venti sized cup of hot coffee down the front of my body, most of it on my top. Just as I explain this to him standing there, may I remind you in my bra and leggings, Nixon walks through the door of the coffee shop.

Why? What did I do to deserve this? By then I'm ready to go dig a hole, crawl in it, and die. I've said it plenty of times, I know, but freshman year of college sucks!

"You know it's all over Snapchat that there's a crazy ginger in the coffee shop flashing everyone but it never once crossed my mind it was you." Nixon says with a shake of his head.

I pinch the bridge of my nose willing myself to keep my cool because if I punch Nixon right in front of campus security I'm going to get in a lot of trouble and I really don't need that right now, but it's extremely tempting!

"I'm not flashing anyone Nixon, I spilled hot coffee on my jacket and shirt. Want me to buy another venti white chocolate mocha latte to pour on you so we can see what your reaction will be?"

He just stares at me.

"Yeah, didn't think so buddy, so go order your coffee and leave me alone."

"Is she free to go?" Nixon asks the officer, completely ignoring me.

He nods. "Yes, just please ma'am next time make sure your lid is secure so you don't flash anyone else." His beady brown eyes linger on my chest causing my temper to spike even further.

"It won't happen again." I growl.

The officer gives my chest one last look and then finally leaves the coffee shop. Before I can blink Nixon tugs his hoodie over his head and then shoves it over mine. I don't dare question his motives and push my arms through the holes, thankful to have a top on once again.

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