Chapter 25: Dom

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"What part of 'you're off the case' didn't make it through your brain, Reeds?"

For the last ten minutes, I'd been forced to sit and endure listening to the Chief tear my character to pieces and drone on about how majorly I'd fucked up.

I was barely hearing what he was saying though. My mind was elsewhere, back in Atlanta, back in that parking garage, back with Kat.

I still couldn't believe she was there almost as much as I couldn't believe that I'd lost her all over again.

"Dammit, Reeds!" His fists pounding on the desk in front of him jarred me from my thoughts long enough to spare the Chief a cursory glance.

He was pissed.

"You better damn well give me your full and undivided attention when I'm speaking to you after the shit storm you've put me through thanks to your little side adventure."

My mouth thinned as I pressed my lips together, holding back the regrettable word choices trying to pry their way out. He was right about one thing at least.

Everything after the auction bust had been an outright shit storm.

The media had gotten a hold of the story and once one station had it, then everyone else started flooding in wanting a slice of the action. Reporters had been everywhere at the mall and camera's too. No matter how strategic I was about not being caught on film, it happened anyways and the Chief saw. Ryan had thankfully escaped the news cameras since he was out of the mall long before I was. His ass wasn't the one on the line for misconduct.

We'd been in Atlanta less than 36 hours ago and already, everything was turned upside down.

"The paperwork is mountains high, the Commissioner's office is on my ass now, and I am one hair out of place from firing you so quick your head would spin circles." The Chief dropped his head into his hands and I felt slightly bad for being solely responsible for his frustration. Not bad enough to regret my actions though.

"The news hasn't been able to pin down why there was a Georgetown cop at the auction in the first place so you should count your blessings for that. If they found out you were there to save your mistress, they'd have your head on a stick for sure."

My fingers rolled into tight fights as the word mistress spewed into the air. That label was cheap and simple and inaccurate. Kat wasn't my mistress. Against all odds stacked against us both, she was the great love of my life.

"She was there. I saw her."

His hands fell to the desk below with a thud and he met my stare head on. "Well, no one else did so it's only your word we have to go on and I'm not so sure how much I trust your word nowadays."

My gut twisted at his words and I quickly realized in that moment that any goodwill I had left with the Chief was gone and that my time at this precinct was more than likely over. All the years that I'd been in the force and for all the good that I've done, I never imagined it would end like this.

All I'd ever wanted was to do good, to be good, to nurture goodness in the world and people around me. I thought becoming a police officer would be the easiest way to have the biggest impact. For a long time it was. For a long time, I was happy chasing the bad guys I was told to chase and content in the image I'd created for myself.

Model employee, model citizen, model father and husband.

Four out of four had been compromised in the last year alone. I had become the poster child for insubordinate and reckless, I was a distracted father and in just a few weeks I wouldn't even be a husband anymore.

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