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You think imma share the nasty?


You little nasstyyyss-

Fine. Only a tiny bit.

There was some intreasting noises in the office

What? Not satisfied? Well too bad. I'm not gonna go into detail


𝕷ooking up at them, I smiled softly, "Lets go home uncle Ruler!" I said and Ruler picked me up, "Ruler..you know I'm a bit too old.." I said as Ruler shook his head and chuckled, "You will still be a baby to me!" He hummed and put me down when we got to the car, I got inside the car As Art's &Craft's started the engine, "Say..You want to stay for dinner?" Ruler asked Art's & Craft's as he not, "Sure!" He said, "Plus Wolfie's hamsters are adorable! I wouldn't mind seeing them!" He laughed as I pout, "You can't touch them!" I said playfully as Bruler laughed, Ruler wouldn't shut up about how Blue was adorable when she was just a child and how she had hamsters until they had babies of their own and I end up having it. I had named my hamsters Chip and Storm cloud..They were a good comapny to me..whenever I felt sad or lonely they were there for me..Dad said I would just eat them just like a monster I am but..I never did..People always say that werewolves are bad..But..I know that My family know..that we aren't that bad..were just missunderstood..Thats all..

After the long talk..and drive..we made it home, "Guysss!!" Ruler said happily as Bruler barge in and hop to the couch, he yawned as Blue came out of her room and smiled, "Hey!" She said as I ran to hug her, my tail was wagging happily, "Yay!!" She saw and chuckled at my excitement to see her. Blue patted my head, "C'mon. Lets go to my room! I made dinner if you wanted any..I just ate it in my room, if you want dinner its in the kitchen!" She said as I nod and ran to her room

I just ate it in my room, if you want dinner its in the kitchen!" She said as I nod and ran to her room

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Her room was much more preetier than mines..it was dark...Uncle Baldi and Ruler thought it was normal..since werewolves are always in the dark..I even have a book about werewolves in the past..

'They were dangerous beings, ripping off flesh of human beings, having lust to rip off more flesh of humans. Soon after the werewolves killing a princess named Bluette, The humans and werewolves broke out into war..there were many stalemates but humans were victorious after the many years of battle..losing over 1.4 million of their men in battle. The werewolves were sent into the lost woods. Were they were mever seen again..But one day..the prince of the werewolves named Darian married the  princess of humans named Lillian to get a revolution..they had 2 sons and a daughter..two of them were werewolves and one human..Till this day there is still a revolution..But we still not trust these mythical creatures roaming in our land..'

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