Chapter 8

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After leaving Ben's office I had felt to be in greater spirits and felt like all was right with the world again. I had my best friend, my wonderful job and boss, and Ben who looked at me like I was his whole world. 

Once I returned to my office, I had received the exciting news that I was going to be working on some new papers for a brand new company. I always loved the energy of a new start-up company and where they were going. I loved to be part of the ground work in helping them to decide what would work and what wouldn't and to establish their company and contracts from there on out. 

The fact that we worked with so many major corporations that had a lot of success helped us to pull even more companies in and we were always able to give more insight and advice to these startups then most companies would be able to. 

I left work that day with a smile on my face and couldn't think of how this day could possibly get better. I was able to put the information of my bio dad in the back of my mind until he finally decided that it was worth meeting me. I hadn't seen the biker today and so I felt like I was back to my regular life. 

On my way home I decided to stop by a grocery store to pick out a few things that I wanted for that night. I was a major health nut but even wanting to eat healthy didn't stop me from having some sweet tooth cravings now and then. I grabbed a package of ready to make cinnamon rolls and some cookie dough as well as a little container of milk. 

I wasn't paying attention to what was going on around me and before I knew it I had made it back to my building with a smile on my face. It was only when my doorman Greg stopped me that I had even paused. 

"Miss Thorpe, you have a visitor. He had said you gave him a key, I just thought you should know."

"Ben's up there?" I asked him quickly. As far as I knew it was only him and Jules that had keys to my apartment. 

"No, Ma'am. I did check the key though and it is to your apartment." He hesitated for a second after watching my face, "Should I call security?"

"Ummm, no. I'm sure there is an explanation for this. Thank you Greg." I tugged my bag closer to me and then went for the elevator. I rummaged through my bag until I gripped the handle of the baton I always carried. I was told that instead I should have a taser or pepper spray, but after taking a few defense classes felt more comfortable with an extendable steel baton then I did with a taser or pepper spray. I knew that i wouldn't accidentally hit myself where I could do worse things to myself with the other two. 

It was only once I got to my door that I whipped the baton out before I put my keys in the door and stepped in. 

All I could hear was my own heartbeat as I quietly slipped off my heels and stepped in past the entryway and into my kitchen/family room area. It only took a second for me to hear soft steps that were coming from my left before I threw my arm that had the baton in it towards the person's thigh. It made a sickening thud of a noise and that's when I fully turned to hear a large male groan sound next to me. 

There were numerous curse words that flew out of his mouth as he fell to the floor and clutched his thigh. I knew that with the force of the hit and where I hit there would be some serious bruising and some serious pain. What I didn't expect was for my biological father to be clutching his thigh murmuring curse word after curse word. 

"Oh shit." My hands reached up to my mouth and then I ran to my freezer to pull out an ice pack. "Shit shit shit shit shit! I'm so sorry! I didn't know it was you!" I grabbed a clean kitchen rag and then went over to Miles who was still grimacing and clutching his leg. I gently pried his hands off his leg and then wrapped the ice pack around it. "I'm so so sorry! Greg just told me a strange man was in my apartment and that he had a key! I didn't know!"

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