11. No One Teases Me

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"Come on Sky, you've got this!" Luke yelled as I was half way through my final set of squats. Luke always found a way to motivate me throughout my workouts and to be perfectly honest, I found it annoying. However, I knew he meant well, so I decided that it would be best to continue to let him try to motivate me.

I mentally groaned as I finished my last set of squats, a rush of relief passing through me as I collapsed into a heap on to the floor, Luke and I's workout session was finally finished for the day and I couldn't appreciate it anymore. Luke knew exactly how to work me hard.

I lay with my warm cheek against the cold floor, shutting my eyes as I took this opportunity to try and steady my heart rate. Whilst I was laying on the ground, I could feel Luke's eyes burning into my back. I lay completely still, wishing that the pain in my legs would somehow magically disappear. I hated leg days, they were always the most painful and physically draining.

"Do you really plan on lying there for the rest of the day?" I could hear the smirk in Luke's voice as he spoke. He had told me numerous of times that if you were tired and had sore muscles after a workout, you were doing something right.

"Yes, in fact I do. My legs hurt." I huffed, turning around painfully so that I was now facing him, a pout on my lips as I tried my best to stand up. As I was standing up, Luke grabbed my hand, helping me the rest of the way, steering me in the direction of a bench, making me sit down on it. I stared hesitantly up at him, my eyes following every move he made. Kneeling down in front of me on his knees, he grabbed one of my legs pulling it up so that it was now resting on his shoulder. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as he slowly began to massage my calves, taking his time as he worked his hands on my aching muscles, slowly taking away the burning sensation.

I sat in awe as he continued to massage my legs, a soft moan escaped my lips as his hands began to travel further up my leg, causing me to cover my mouth in embarrassment. "How's this?" He spoke softly, his eyes fixed on me, "I can stop if you'd like?" He spoke again, a small smirk in his face.

"No, no. It's good." I spoke, my throat dry as I could feel myself growing even more flustered by the second. Luke in a swift movement, removed my leg from his shoulder and pulled me closer towards him so that my legs were now wrapped around his torso while he continued to kneel on the ground.

His large hands placed themselves on my hips. He pressed his fingers firmly into my skin as he began to slowly apply pressure, causing my head to roll back and yet another moan escape my lips. I was finding it rather hard to control myself, Luke seemed to have quite an effect on me.

As he continued to massage my hips, he pulled me even closer to him. His lips began to lightly kiss my neck, my hands wrapped loosely around his neck as I moved my head to the side, allowing him to have more access.

Before I had the chance to fully appreciate what was happening, Luke pulled away and stood up, pulling me up with him. I placed my hands on his forearm, trying my best to balance myself due to the fact that my legs now felt a lot like jelly. We stood staring up at one another, our chests touching.

I watched as Luke began to slowly lean down, his eyes flickered their gaze down to my lips. I stood on my tiptoes, attempting to close the gap between us. Our lips were centimetres away, I could feel his hot breath on my lips, reaching my hand up, I pulled his neck down, attempting to connect our lips. Just as they were about to connect, in one swift movement, Luke moved.

"Did you really think you could get away with teasing me?" He spoke, laughing as his hot breath in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. Pulling away, he placed a light kiss to my now hot and red cheek. I watched as he grabbed his kitbag, turning to look at me one last time.

"No one teases me, princess." He winked, before heading off to the changing rooms, leaving me stood in the middle of the now empty gym, feeling completely dumbfounded.


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