Chapter 27-Away For Now

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-Three Quarter-Moons After Chapter 24-

Ravenheart stood before Holeclan upon a dirt mound as sun-rest grew near. The sparkling rays glistened upon his golden brown fur and illuminated his amber eyes. The mass of gray, brown, and white pelts of a dozen cats stood before him.They were all new ready to fight Lakeclan. Ravenheart has assessed them all, individually and in groups of mock battles.  Now he had to leave back to the clans for a while, but he would soon return after that.

"Cats of Holeclan," he nervously began, "Soon, we shall rejoin Valleyclan, and you have proven yourselves to be worthy warriors."This is my first time addressing an entire clan myself.  I must remain calm."Normal Learners train for usually seven moons, but you have worked together along with your dedication to shorten that time to just two moons, although admittedly the process was sped up. But regardless, you are a now a true clan, possessing not just the souls of one, but a true fighting spirit as well."

They caterwauled in join as he went on. "A new season has began, the season of warm-cold. that began not too long ago. With it comes new life. We also shall bring new life. For Valleyclan shall be strong once more. Kits are around, both here and there. But there is there they shall be born, rightfully in their homeland." Ravenheart nodded to the two queens that there were. "And new life, and a new start for all of the clans, especially Lakeclan."

"Soon, Starktail shall fall. We may be doing as she wants, but that is what we must do and hope to find to find a way out. Valleyclan shall be united once more and through the perseverance of a few generations, their unfair worthiness system shall eradicated from their minds. There shall be no more evil inside Valleyclan!'Soon, Sage-eye, we shall meet again. 

"Now, I must go back for some time, hopefully no more than half a moon, to prepare some things for our arrival, namely getting rid of that traitorous Sunclaw." A collective his was heard at that name. "I shall come back as leader of Marshclan, and thus Blazeclan will then be at our side. The Valleyclan there will then be at our side because of Sage-eye's valiant efforts. Then Brookclan either switches sides, or we take them down. Lakeclan shall then be next, to fall under the unity of the clans! Tonight I leave, but tonight we shall also feast!"

Holeclan burst into an atmosphere of joy as a few warriors brought out the stacks of recently slain prey. Many cats padded up to Ravenheart, thanking him for leading the, back to their rightful home. The whole clan groomed tongues with one another, chatting with excitement about what was soon to come. Ravenheart listened with open ears to see what he could pick up on the conversations. They do not speak of failure it seems, for the think of failure is to make them fail it would seem.One who only hopes with hope shall succeed more than one who doubts himself.

Ravenheart went and grabbed a lapwing, a type of moorland bird for he not tried such a bird before. Rockstar went up and lied down beside him, carrying a rabbit, giving a stark contrast to his jet black fur. "Congratulations!" The Holeclan leader greeted. "You will make a great Marshclan Chief"

"Hello Rockstar." Ravenheart greeted back. "Thank you. You are a great Chief yourself."

"Altogeth It seems I must give my extra lives back to the ancestors though!" Rockstar mused.

Ravenheart gave a short purr of delight. "Yes, It seems so. Very few ever have. But alas, you are not the true Valleyclan leader.

"That is true." Rockstar agreed. "I am but a replacement, meant for this place only. I am the leader of Holeclan only, but not Valleyclan. At the moment we are Holeclan, but soon we shall be Valleyclan, and thus at the moment we join, I shall no longer be a star."

"Very true. No offense, but how about we eat already? All this talk is just making me hungry!" Ravenheart suggestsed. Rockstar agreed.

The sun had soon had soon set, but the festivities and excitement still rang in the air.  Ravenheart found himself getting very dozy from lying around, so he soon found himself in a slumber.

The sound of a rushing stream soon made him get up again. The hot forest around was dead silent under the sunshine. front of him stood a transparent brown she-cat, faced away for him. Who is she? And why I am by the Marshclan and  Lakeclan border stream?

"Who are you?" Ravenheart asked. 

The brown she -cat swung to face him with her sparkling green eyes. "Don't you know?" she said.

Ravenheart felt his heart drop in shock and grief. "H-Hawkstorm? Oh, I am so sorry for killing had so much ahead of you in your life with your family!"

"It's okay, Ravenheart. I have forgiven you. It was an accident. But more importantly, I am here to tell you something."

"Oh thank you, Hawkstorm, that is such as a relief to hear!" Ravenheart cried out, his heart feeling joy. "But what was it you wanted to tell me?"

"I merely wish you  good luck, here form The-Realm-Of-Enternal-Peace." Hawkstorm said. "I have had much peace here, away from a stressful life under Starktail. I miss my kits, but I am happy here."

"Thank you, but I have to ask" Ravenheart said. "iIs there anything you can tell me on how to defeat her? You were living under her rule not too long ago."

Hawkstorm looked as if she were thinking before she replied. "I would say that Starktail's plans are always half planned out. They may seem unstoppable, but that is only because is of the fear she has instilled in the clans. It does not help either that without sufficient knowledge of what she wants exactly or what she will do."

"Yes, very true." agreed Ravenheart. "It is more than certain that she will be defeated. However, the problem is making sure that the clans survive. We must hope to win. She thinks she can win by making us fear her, and that is the true threat at the moment. We must over come it."

Hawkstorm simply nodded. "Yes, an I believe that it is time for you to go. May you succeed which what you do, Ravenheart."

"Hunt well, Hawkstorm." Ravenheart farewelled back. Then he changed worlds in the blink of an eye and was underneath the moonlit sky. The clan stood together once more by the tunnel entrance, waiting for him. Tunnel and Hare stood by, ready to lead him through. How appropriate. The two who made me go here and the two to make me go back out!

Ravenheart padded up to the tunnel, it's darkness before him, and made one last piece of talk before he left. "May our ancestors guide us to victory!" 

There was a small cheer behind him as he headed into the musty passages of hard earth, with Tunnel going in before him and Hare behind him. I am coming to take leadership of the clan father. Either you will give to me, or I shall take it for the sake of all of us.

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