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I think that Laurette is my otp now (laflams is ot3)

So im gun do this

Cuz i can

Also, the pic was supposed to be where laf is on top of john and kissing his neck or smth-

But i cant find it-

Also, a bit of triggerish angst at the begginig.

Enjoy lmao





That was all what Laurens could feel in bathtub, cuddled by man that he loved, Lafayette.

Well... before, he was in love with Alexander Hamilton...and that was untill he died in war at Afghanistan.

Lafayette was only one who survived.

Burr was killed and abused by mafia's.

Hercules commuted suicide.

And Alex got killed in action by protecting George Washington who also died by wound infection.

John in other hand, was supposed to come and join to the war.

But by his father will, he did not sent him.

John after hearing news, was terrified and constantly had nightmares and panic attacks.

Known as PTSD disorder.

Then his father died by heart attack, joining to heaven to his mother.

And he was only child.

John was lost, confused, small and....just so scared.

That was untill Lafayette reached out to him, injured.

He learned how to love.

And now he is here, five years later.

In marriage, with a man of his dreams.

Lafayette was going through same terror, he also had PTSD, depression and often attempted to do suicide.

But he didn't do it.

Cuz now he has got John.

So this is where they currently are, in New York City, living in large Penthouse and carrying on with life.

Well, at the moment, they are in bathtub, relaxing.

The scent was pure lavander and honey scented.

Warmth of each mens skin was just perfect.

Lafayette resting on John head, sighing happily as John was half awake, ready to fall asleep in hot steamed water.

"J'e taime..." Laf suddenly whispered, kissing his wet locks.

John sighed softly.

"I love you too." He whispered, leaned backwards on Laf shoulder as he kissed his lips, steady breaths.

Laf just wrapped his arms around John's tiny waist as both of them deepend the kiss, growing more and more lustfull for each other.

"Please...John..." Laf cried out, break from kiss and kissed back shirtly after only to be break away from John.

"Of course, my Marquis." He whispered, continued to kiss him again, slowly sinking down to his shaft, gasping.

"You good??" Lafayette asked.

John tend to muffle his small cry, and just nodded.

"Y-yes...just lemme adjust." He breathed out, his eyes pricking with tears.

"Of course my love, of course." Laf nodded and kissed him again to seize his pain till John gave him a sign to move.

"G-go!" He whispered and Laf obeyed, rocking slightly as John moaned in pleasure.

"F-fuck...Laf...ahhh-" He let out sigh of relaxation

and Laf grunted on how tight John is actually.

"T-there!! F-fuck Laf! Th-there please!" He whimpered.

"Shh I got you, love." He said, took in his hips and rock him gently, grinding into him as John was moaning of pleasure whenever his spot was hit.

"S-shit Jackie..." Laf cursed under his breath and kissed John neck, kissing him more over his hickies.

"I-im close!!" John winced.

"Shh I have you, darling." Laf whispered, took a hold of his cock and pump it gently as John all could do was moan and moan.

And then John came, Laf coming shortly after.

They both panted, clearly satisfied as he was still on Laf.

Lafayette leaned over and kissed him sweetly, making John moan at shift of angle.

"L-laf can I tell you something??" John stuttured, blushed.

Laf nodded.

"Of course, anything my love." Laf nodded, held Laurens close to him.

"Promise me to not get mad." He whispered.

Laf gave him a scoldish glare.

"Now, what kind of husband would I be to not respect my husbands needs. I promise to nit get mad. Whatever it is, we will go through it okay." He gave him a small smile of courage.

John looked at him, nodded.

Pursed his lips, opened his mouth-

"Im expecting. Im pregnant with you child."

The end


Kinda wanna make fluff of it uwu.

Hope yall enjoy and yes, this is somewhat AU where men can get pregnant.

Also sorry for angsty begining.

Request sum stuff and


Also, guess what got into my theaters-

*Bisexual scream of happiness even tho i wont watch cuz my mum doesnt let me go out nowhere except going to school*

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*Bisexual scream of happiness even tho i wont watch cuz my mum doesnt let me go out nowhere except going to school*


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