That Still Small Voice Part 1

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I was making my way to the sheriff’s office. Graham and I have dinner once a week. We started our weekly tradition when I got in trouble with some friends a couple years back. Its kinda like a probation type thing but I wasn’t on probation, its weird but I didn’t care. It was dark outside and slightly cold. I zipped up my white sweatshirt.  I looked down at my goose bumped legs,shorts weren’t the brightest idea. I started walking up the steps to the station when there was a huge earthquake. I gripped the railing tight so I wouldn’t fall. The rumbling stopped and I breathed out. The door of the station opened and Graham and Emma rushed out.
‘’Liz you okay?’’Graham asked.
‘’yeah im fine. What the hell was that?’’I asked. Graham flew down the stairs and past me to the side walk.
‘’something to do with the mines. Come on’’Graham said. Emma and I followed him to his police car.
We got to the mines. I got out of the car and saw that the mines clasped or something.  They haven’t been used in years! A lot of people were here. Emma, Graham, and I went to the crowed. I stood next to Ruby.
''Whats going on?''Ruby asked
Regina came over to Emma and Graham who were slightly in front of Ruby and I.
''not sure. The mines collapsed from what Graham told me.''
‘’Sheriff set up a police boarder. Marco why don’t you help with the fire department. Ms. Swan this is now official town business you are free to go’’Regina said, more like commanded.
‘’Well actually I work for the town now.’’Emma said. Regina looked at Graham pissed off.
‘’shes my new deputy’’Graham said.
‘’they sat the mayors always last to know’’Regina said, clear anger in her voice.
‘’its in my budget.’’
‘’indeed. deputy why don’t you make yourself useful and deal with crowed control’’Regina said. Emma walked away and I stood in the crowed crossing my arms. Might as well see what Madam Mayor has to say.  Graham came and stood next to me.
‘’People of Storybrook. Don’t be alarmed. We have always known this area was combed with old mining tunnels but fear not, im going to under go a project to make this area safe. To rebultate it into city use. We will bulldoze it, claspe it, pave it.’’
‘’pave it’’I heard Henry say. He was coming out of the small crowed of people to stand in front of Regina.
‘’what if there’s something down there’’Henry said
‘’Henry’’Regina bent down to his level talking to him quietly.
‘’everyone please step back’’Regina said gesturing for everyone to move back. I gave Graham a small smile before walking over to henry.
‘’come on’’I said to him but he didn’t move.
‘’what was that?’’Henry asked Emma.
‘’Henry, listen’’Regina said grabbing his arm and pulling him to the side to talk to him.
‘’Elizabeth, can you walk him to my car?’’Regina asked me. I nodded.
‘’yeah, sure’’
I put my hand on Henry's shoulder and we started walking to Regina’s car.  He opened the door getting inside. I kept the door open to talk to him.
‘’we need all of operation cobra.’’Henry said. He looked around and saw Archie. He got out of the car and moved past me.
‘’Henry your mom said to stay in the car’’I said. Of course he didn’t listen to me.
‘’Archie, Emma’’Henry said calling them both over. Henry ran beside the sheriff car. I gave Emma a look before following him.
‘’this requires all of operation cobra, all three of you.’’Henry said when Emma and Archie came over.
‘’I didn’t realize I was in operation cobra.’’Archie said.
‘’of course you are. You know everything. We cant let her do this. What if there’s something down there’’Henry said
‘’there just some old tunnels’’Emma said
‘’ that just happened to calapse right after you get here. your changing things, your weakening the curse’’
‘’that’s not what’s happening’’Emma said.
‘’yes it is. did you do anything different today because something made this happen’’
I looked at Emma.
‘’henry I told you to wait in the car.''I heard Regina say making me jump, shit! 
''Elizabeth make sure you keep him there this time’’Regina said. I nodded and pulled Henry to her car.
‘’now im in trouble with your mom’’I said opening the door for Henry to get inside.
‘’she didn’t tell you to keep me in the car. She just said to walk me there’’Henry said getting in the passenger seat.
After work the next day I was with Mary Margret and Emma in the kitchen. We made smores, my idea, I took my marshmallow and put it in between the graham crackers. I walked around the counter and next to Emma on the wooden seats at counter island thing,  taking a bite.
‘’im the worst person in the world’’Mary Margret said.
‘’ really? in the whole world?’’with sarcasm in her voice. She was talking about her crush on David Nolan. Mary Margret wont admit to it but i know its true. She has been going to the hospital like everyday to visit him.
‘’If Kathryn was horrible, it’d be easier, but she’s so nice’’Mary Margret said with annoyance in her face. I almost started laughing.
‘’and what exactly would be easier?’’Emma asked
‘’nothing’’she said quickly
‘’someones got a crush’’I muttered. Mary Margret glared at me slightly.
‘’nothing a good idea. Yor’re smart. You know not to get involved with a married guy. Its not worth the heartache. Trust me’’Emma said
There was a knock on the door.
‘’I’ll get it’’Emma said. I looked behind me to see Henry was at the door. He was crying.
‘’kid, what happened, come on’’Emma brought henry in.
After henry told us about Archie telling him that it was all fantasy and a delusion, Emma dropped me and Henry off at Regina's office. Henry wanted me to go with him apparently, so did. He was clearly upset and i didn't blame him. Why would Archie do a thing like this. He was the one that said to play along! Once Emma’s car was gone Henry took my arm and pulled me away from Regina's office building.
‘’What are you doing?’’I asked
‘’We are going to the mines.’’
‘’no, Henry, we cant go there!’’I said stopping him. I bent down and held his shoulders.
‘’its way to dangerous down there, Henry. We cant go down there’’
‘’I know there is something down there. I have to prove it!’’Henry said. He got out of my grip and started walking down the sidewalk. I rolled my eyes and ran after him.
‘’you aren't going alone.’’I said, walking by his side.
‘’your going to come with me?’’
I nodded’’yeah I will.’’
He smiled at me. Man I was going to regret this later.
We got to the mines and Henry handed me a flashlight.
‘’your moms going to kill me’’I said turning the flashlight on.
‘’don’t worry, I wont let her’’ Henry started walking inside.
‘’that makes me feel ten times better, thanks’’
I climbed inside the mines. It was dark, the only light source was the flashlights. There was water dripping down and it smelt like mud and just dampness. We kept walking, I regretted every step. I didn’t like this place at all.  I shined my light at the cave wall and saw something reflecting. Me and Henry shared a look before going towards it. Henry got up in a rock and pulled it out.
‘’is that glass?’’I asked. I put a piece of my straight hair behind my ear and I looked at the glass closely. It looked like it was part of design, like a art piece or something. There was a gray part on top, but it was clearly glass. I heard gravel start to fall and the place started rumbling again. Rocks falling down. I grabbed henry and held him tight.
‘’run!’’I shouted. He grabbed my hand and  we took off running. I shouldn’t have agreed to take him in here!
‘’Henry!’’I heard someone call. We ran to the voice. We rounded a corner I saw Archie.
‘’Archie!’’Henry said
‘’Henry, Elizabeth!’’Archie said
‘’You’re here to help us!’’Henry said
‘’no, Henry, listen. We gotta get out of here, okay?’’
‘’so you’re still against me’’Henry said
‘’Henry, there’s no time for that. Come on, Henry, Elizabeth! Come on.’’
‘’you don’t believe me? you’ll see’’Henry said and he took off running.
‘’Henry!’’I yelled I gave Archie a look before running after Henry.

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