twenty seven

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i was already awake when david noticed that i wasn't glued to him anymore and opened his eyes. "good morning" i smiled.

"good morning" he said with his raspy voice, leaning to kiss me.

"hey, go brush your teeth!" i put my hand on his face, shoving him away. i returned my attention to my phone where i was playing some random game.

"i'm tired" he mumbled, resting his head on my chest so i couldn't see my game.

"ugh, i hate you" i locked my phone, trying to push him away from me again. "can you brush your teeth so i can kiss you?" i looked at him with puppy eyes when he sat up. "please?"

david rolled his eyes and went to the bathroom. i laughed at him and unlocked my phone to look at my texts.

zane🍑: hi bby
sorry for yesterday
i want details later

phe😋: it's okay
but i'm not making any promises
about telling you
i mean, you heard everything

zane🍑: that 'holy fuck, david please'
won't leave my head


zane🍑: i won't tell if you give me
the details bitch!

phe😋: what do you want to know?

zane🍑: first of all

phe😋: i'm not talking about
his dick

zane🍑: i think it was big
seeing the way you walked back
to the room

phe😋: okay we are done
fuck you little bitch

i was laughing at zane's text when david came back and laid down by my side again. "what are you laughing about?" he asked.

"zane is stupid" he looked at my phone, reading my texts. "hey, stop" i tried to hide my phone, but he saw all texts.

"i noticed the way you walked but i didn't want to say anything, but zane did so..." david gave me a smirk. "what happened?"

"i was..." i cleared my throat, blushing. "a little sore, that's it" i was practically a virgin again before yesterday. almost ten months without sex is a huge thing.

david laughed. "i'm totally going to brag about this" he said, trailing my exposed thigh with his fingertips.

"yeah, brag about it and we will never have sex again" i rolled my eyes with a smile on my face, gripping his hand to pull away from my thigh.

"you're so mean, babe" he started to kiss my face, putting his hand back where it was.

"i'm not mean, i just don't want you telling everyone about our personal life because you want to brag about your big dick!" i gave him a fake smile.

"so you're saying i have a big dick?" david teased.

"fuck off" i laughed, getting up. "you're so fucking annoying" i put my shorts back.

"where are you going?" he got up too.

"i'm really hungry, i waited for you to wake up for like..." i looked at my phone. "practically two hours"

"we'll have to order something or go somewhere" david said putting his black joggers that were on the floor. not to be rude or anything, but his room is a mess.

"you need to start cooking david" i joked as we went to his kitchen. "c'mon, let's see if you have anything that we can cook" and i went to look at his cabinets.

"we can literally just eat cereal" he laughed.

"i don't drink milk" i opened one cabinet under the sink. "do you like hash browns?" i looked over at him and he nodded.

"so you don't drink milk but you eat cheese?" david helped me pick the ingredients.

"i don't like drinking milk like a cup of milk or in a bowl of cereal, you know?" i said rolling my eyes. i made the hash browns and some bacon and started to serve david.

"this smells so good" natalie said appearing in the kitchen.

"i made some for you too, sit down" i smiled, putting a plate in front of her so i could serve. she sat down beside david at the kitchen counter.

"this is really good" david said with food in his mouth. i laughed, grabbing my plate to be near them. it only had two kitchen stools, so david sat me down on his lap, wrapping one arm around my waist while eating.

"this is amazing, you should sleep here more often phe" natalie winked and i laughed.

"i'm good" i joked. "after yesterday i don't think i'm coming back so soon"

"yeah, sorry about that" she went to wash her plate. "i felt like i was in 2017 all over again" natalie joked, but it made me uncomfortable. i sat down on her stool and david looked at me. "i'm sorry, i shouldn't say stuff like this" she quickly apologized, with her eyes widened.

i smiled softly, nodding. "it's okay" i know he used to have sex with liza, but it's uncomfortable, i don't know how to explain.

"speaking of that, i want to take you somewhere" david said and i frowned my brow, finishing to eat my food.

natalie said bye to us, leaving the house to do some stuff for david. "where?" i questioned, getting up to get some water.

"i want you to properly meet liza" i gasped, choking on the water i was drinking.

what the fuck?

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