Meant For You (Annie_Moon2001)

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Reviewer: Annie_Moon2001

Author: SallyMary89

Cover: 9½/10

The cover is really beautiful. I love the picture. I'll only advice that you work a bit on your font style: the colour.

Description/Summary: 7½/10

The description/summary is quite alright. It's really not advisable to write the name of the lead roles and their details the way you did. You need to work on your punctuation, grammar and organization. It would look more organized if used something to demacate the comments by readers.

That all aside, the description/summary looks rather promising and it sure does make me curious to see what the book is all about.

Chapter Review: 8/10

The story is really interesting and quiet intriguing I must say.

The first chapter (chapter 1 part I) was really good. It was truly heartfelt. I still can't believe Ethy died because I was really hoping to hear him profess his love on her birthday. I was even about to start looking for names to ship them. Too bad! I love the fact that you didn't draw it too much before letting him go cause that would have been truly painful. The descriptions were indeed on point. I didn't even feel like I was reading a book, it felt like I was watching a movie. There were some slight issues with the chapter, like the beginning. I honestly didn't feel comfortable with the way you started the chapter. It just felt like... an essay? Not quite sure. I also noticed some grammatical errors.

There are a lot of questions I've been ragging my brain about after seeing the fifteen years leap. Questions like: How old was she when her Ethy died? Where they even at an age that they could probably get married? It was truly confusing to me.

I really can't wait to see how Nathan enters her life and also to know the reason why he thinks her family caused the death of his family. For the other chapters, they just need little brush-up because I noticed some grammar errors.

Activity of the Writer: 9/10

The writer replied to most comments on her comment box and all messages on her conversation board.

Plot: 9/10

I've said all that I have to say in the chapter review. I'll just add that the plot is really great! The idea is really creative and the book, well written. I highly recommend this book to all wattpaders. (When can I expect rye next update?)

Overall Advice:

Like I said earlier on, just a little touch-up n your cover is required. The description needs to be edited, as well as the plot.

That all aside, I'll rate this book a 9/10. (Would have loved to give it a perfect 10 but the description and the cover needs more work.)

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