Chapter 17: Kyoya's reluctant day out!

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Tsubaki sat beside Kosei at the piano. It was the last day that he was going to be in town before going back for school. "Your going to do amazing at Nationals." Tsubaki said with her head rested on his shoulder. The sun was shining through the window. And Kosei's mind flashed to when he would sit in this room with his mom, listening to her play piano. He let his fingers play over the tunes that she would play. Tsubaki hummed, "I remember that tune." She whispered. "Your mom would play this all the time." She said with a grin. "She would be so proud of you Kosei." She said sitting up. 

"You're not going to bed until you can play that part!"

"Why can't you even play an easy piece lie that?! Your worthless!" 

"I'm in the middle of a lesson with my mom. I can't plays soccer today Tsubaki. Sorry." 

"Messing up the same part again!" 

"That kid has bruises everywhere. That's why he always wears long sleeves. Who'd be that harsh with a kid? She's a monster." 

"All I wanted was for you to get better. Even when I wanted to play with Tsubaki and Ryota, even when you hit me, I put up with it....and put up with it and kept practicing. All I wanted was for you to get better...all I wanted was for you to be happy." He said, lost in his memories. Not looking at Tsubaki or the piano, but of a picture of him and his mother hung up on the wall. When he was a child, before she got sick. Tsubaki pulled on his shirt sleeve and he snapped out of his thoughts, turning to her. "I-I'm sorry." He said, knowing that he didn't need to explain himself. Tsubaki knew how the memories haunted him. She didn't say anything, but pulled her boyfriend into a tight hug. He relaxed into the touch. Letting her hold some of his pain with him. "It's so much easier to deal with when I'm here with you, and Ryota, and Hiroko." Kosei admitted. "Have you tried telling your friends in the Host club about any of this?" She asked. Kosei shook his head. "Then how are they supposed to help you? If they are really your friends they would want to help you when it does get hard." She said. Kosei sighed. "I'm not sure why...maybe I'm just scared. Of what they would think. I mean besides Haruhi they all come from a different life." Tsubaki nodded. "Yea, but they are still your friends right?" She asked. Kosei smiled and nodded. "They really are." He said. "Then trust them. I wish I could be with you all the time when the memories come back, or when it gets hard for you...and one day maybe we will be together everyday. But not right now. And I want to know that you are in good hands." She said taking his hand into hers. "I think I am...I think I trust them." He said. Tsubaki smiled. "Good, now lets try to make the last few hours fun before you have to go back." She said with a grin. "Oh yea, I want you to hear this before anyone else." Kosei said pulling some sheet music out of his folder. "Is this the song you're playing at Nationals?" She asked. Kosei nodded and she gasped. "But it's an original. No one ever plays originals at competitions!" She said. Kosei smiled. "Yea I know. But I have confidence in this one...I wrote it about you." 

-A Few Days Later, Kosei's pov- 

I heard knocking on the front door and I pulled on my other sneaker quickly as I went to answer it. I had just gotten back from home last night. And Haruhi had called me. She asked if I wanted to go shopping with her to fill up my fridge and cabinets with food sense I hadn't been home for weeks. I agreed, and part of me knew that she was doing this so I wouldn't be alone in the apartment. "I really do have some good friends here don't I April?" I asked, giving the black cat a few good pets. She had been taken care of by my landlord, and she almost didn't give the cat back when I returned. But I had to take April back, sometimes she was the only company I had a night. I opened the door for Haruhi and we hugged. "It's been so long!" Haruhi said as April walked over and rubber herself against her legs. Haruhi smiled and picked up the cat, giving her a few pets as well. "It was only a few weeks, but it did feel pretty long huh?" I said as we both said bye to April and I shut the door. "So, have you seen the Host club sense they left the Inn?" I asked. "Nope, and it has been the calmest few weeks of my life. Even though I was working the whole time. Misuzu always talked about how she missed you playing the piano." Haruhi said with a grin as we both laughed. We caught up as we walked to the shopping center. "So how was your friend Ryota? You both seemed really happy to see each other." Haruhi said. "He was a handful as usual... and it was really good to see everyone." I said, Haruhi didn't miss a beat. Noting the sad tone to my voice. "Really? Nothing else happened?" she asked. I sighed, for some reason my heart was beating faster. I was nervous to tell her. "Trust them." Tsubaki's voice rang in my ears. "Actually, while I was home we did visit the cemetery as well. It was the anniversary of one of our friends death." I said looking down at my feet as we walked. "That's so sad, I'm sorry. But it's nice that you all get together to celebrate her life." Haruhi said putting a comforting hand on my back. I smiled. "Yea, she was something to celebrate alright. Her name was Kaori. She...was a really good friend." I said as we made it to the shopping mall. "I'm sure she was. What was she like?" Haruhi asked as we entered the store. As we shopped I told her memories of her. How we jumped in the lake together. How we met in the playground and she accused me of being a pervert. How we performed together. I didn't tell her everything, but I told her of the good times.  And as we walked around I felt lighter and lighter. 

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