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Personal Bio

I hail from the land of science, where I've earned a Bachelor's degree in Natural Resources and a PhD in Environmental Science. What does this say about me as a beta reader? I have a keen eye for detail and logical progression. When I read your story, I'll focus on making sure situations are realistic, plots move in a sensible and well-paced fashion, and characters stay consistent. I'm usually happy to do outside research, helping to ensure your details are as accurate as possible.

I adore worldbuilding. As an ecologist, I always try to craft settings grounded in real climates and vegetation. If you mention a species of bird in the wrong habitat, I will call you out on it. I'm also a big fan of stories with heavy character development. Action-wise, I've done quite a bit of research into fighting styles and wound healing for my own writing, and while I'm no expert, I can lend my perspective on how to keep your combat exciting and easy to follow.

In general, expect me to ask a lot of clarifying questions about your scene setups and character motivations, so we can work together to make sure you're getting your point across clearly. I will always be kind in my feedback, but also blunt. If I don't like or understand something, I will say so, along with a detailed explanation of why. I really don't like tropes, so if you use them, expect a rocky ride.

Language wise, I will point out any spelling/grammar mistakes I spot, as well as suggestions for trimming and streamlining your writing wherever possible. Unfortunately, I don't currently have time for heavy line edits. If your story needs a lot of grammar work, I'm probably not the beta for you.

I read English only. I am happy to read mature or LGBTQ+ stories.

Preferred Genres

Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Thriller, Mystery

Non-Preferred Genres

Fanfiction, Poetry, Spiritual

Straight Romance, Chicklit, and Teen Fiction will be tough for me. You're welcome to pitch and I'll take a quick look, but please don't be offended if it's not my cup of tea. I have a tendency for gritty, realistic stories.

Relevant Experience

I've been an active commenter since joining Wattpad, including the achievement of Legend status in the Rebel Book Club. Outside of Wattpad, I've got close to a decade of experience proofreading and critiquing scientific papers and grants, which require a pretty high caliber of scrutiny.

Projected Time Frame

I can handle up to four chapters per week, depending on length and how much feedback is required. We can negotiate a number that works best for both of us.

Communication Preference

Wattpad or Slack for getting in touch. Wattpad, Google Docs, or Microsoft track changes for beta'ing.

Want to Pitch Sarah_Maclean?

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Things to include in your pitch:

- Why you're looking for a beta

- A quick summary of your book

- Your goals for your book going forward

- What exactly you're looking for feedback on (spelling, grammar, plot, character development, help overcoming writer's block)

Application Form:

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