OMG GUYS I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING. I had school and a lot of homework. SO SO SORRYYYY. 

I woke up to a husky, british voice saying my name in a whisper. 

"Beth..." Harry whispered one more time. I was in his arms. What the hell happened last night?

"Hey..." I said awkwardly. 

"Get dressed. We're leaving in 10 minutes." He told me as he stood up.

"10 minutes?!?" I darted up the stairs and took the quickest shower I ever took in my life! 

"Almost done? We have 5 minutes left!" Niall shouted from downstairs. I didn't even know where we're going.

I quickly threw on foundation and some mascara. 

"Where are we going?!?" I yelled downstairs to everyone hop[ing they'd tell me.

"Hurry up!" They all shouted back upstairs.

I groaned and put on a pair of skinny jeans, a blue tank-top, a grey shirt over, and black boots with buttons.  I ran downstairs to find the boys in they're signature outfits. 

Louis- Striped shirt, red trousers, TOMS.

Liam- Plaid shirt, jeans, kickers.

Niall- Red Polo, blue jeans, kickers.

Harry- Blaizer, white t-shirt, blue jeans, and kickers. 

Zayn- black t-shirt, white jeans, kickers. 

"What's going on?" I asked, confused. 

"We have an interveiw. and they want to meet you." Louis said smiling.

"Why me?" 

"Because you're my step-sister!" Louis shouted in my ear.


"Come on now, we have to go. We're going to be late!" Liam said as he pushed all of us out of the door, along with himself. 


The interveiw was almost over. There was always that one question they always asked. 

"Alright everyone! Now, what's you're relationship statuses?" The bimbo blonde headed interveiwer, caked in make up asked.

"Single, but I am talking to somebody." Louis said smiling at her.

"In a relationship with Perrie Edwards." Zayn said next.

"In a relationship." Liam told her.

"Single, and waiting for my princess." Niall said looking into the audience smiling.

A million of girls started screaming.

"Quiet!" The interveiwer said, with her name tag that read 'Sage' on it.

"Well, uhm, I like a girl. I just met her actually. But I really don't know if she likes me back." He started to describe how I looked. "She has green eyes, with dark brokwn hair. She is a few inches shorter than me. I really like this girl." 

"Well who is she?" Sage asked smiling, hoping it was her.

"She's actually back stage..." Harry said looking down at the floor blushing.

"HARRY! YOU LIKE MY SISTER?" Louis said, nearly out of air from laughing so hard of what Harry had said.

"Bring her out!" Sage told everyone smiling.

A couple of tall guys told me to go out there. I'm guessing they were body guards from what they are wearing.

"Hey." I said as I walked out smiling.

"Hello. Sit down please." Sage said as she glared at me, and rolled her eyes.

"Okay." I sat down next to Harry and Louis. 

"Now, what's your relationship status, uh, what's your name?" 

Woah, that was kind of bitchy. 


"Okay, Beth. What's your relationship status?"


"Are you interested in any of the boys?"

"Does it matter? I don't need rumours spreaded around of me."

"Well, yes, because we need to know."

"No, you don't."

"Okay. So, boys, are any of you interested in... Beth...?" When she said my name, she acting like she was disgusted.

"Why the hell does it matter?" I shouted, as I walked off the stage.

"Beth!" Harry and Louis said as they ran backstage, where I was.


"She didn't mean to be rude. She just wanted to know." Louis told me.

 "I don't need rumours."

"It's alright. Just come back out there."  They told me as they pulled me back out on stage


After the terrible interveiw, we went home. I ran upstairs and got on my facebook and twitter to check what has been going on with my friends back home. I had 604 friend requests of facebook, and 5,000+ new followers on twitter. What the hell? How was I so popular now?

I got a few hate tweets. 

HazzaLuvsMe69696- Wow! Harry likes your ugly self? Haha! Whore.

1dluverforeveevevea- omg! awe! you guys must date! toooooo cute.

There were a lot more... Wow. Okay then. 

"Let's watch a movie or something. It's only noon." Zayn suggested.

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