Meeting with angel

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Me, Akeno and Michael, were in the temple. I sat in silence looking at the leader of the Angels for a long time. 

Michael: We've heard a lot of interesting things about you.

F/N: I hope only good things...

Michael: Yes, we also know your sad past. But we're glad that despite what happened to you, you're still trying to help other people. You also saved a fragile peace between our factions. I would like to thank you sincerely...

F/N: You really don't have to-

Michael: ...and give you a gift.

F/N: Heh? What gift?

Then a golden light appeared between us, which, however, didn't have a source. Then the golden ball of light appeared in front of us.

Michael: I am sure you will be able to use this power well.

F/N: Is this...?

Michael: Yes, the pure power of Angels, the power of light. We are sure that if the meeting of the three factions comes to an agreement, it may be a very useful weapon for you, and your friends.

F/N: Why? If you get along, then there shouldn't be any threat anymore, right?

Michael: Unfortunately no, there will still be people who will be against peace.

F/N: Kokabiel...

Michael: Exactly, such people will be among the Fallen, but also among the Angels and Devils. Peace is the only chance for us to survive. In the previous war, most of the Angels, the Fallen and the Devils died. During the previous war, we had to cooperate once, I hope we can do it again.

Akeno: F/N, we should accept this gift.

F/N: Of course...

I got up from the table and extended my hand towards the ball of light.

F/N: Surely I will be able to absorb this power? I always get power from another person.

Michael: Don't worry, it will work.

F/N: If you say so...

I put my hand in the center of the ball of light and the whole room shines with a blinding light. I felt a tingle all over my body and after a few seconds, I fell to the ground. My head didn't hurt as much as I usually did when gaining power, probably because I didn't see any memories this time.

Michael: This time you will have to learn how to use power from scratch.

His point is that when I copied someone's power, I could use that power with a lesser or greater effect. I didn't have to learn to control her because I copied this ability from her original owner. This time I have to learn everything from scratch... it's pity, I thought I could shoot to Issei with a beam of light, It will have to wait.

Michael: That's all, I will not bother you anymore.

F/N: Wait a moment, I have question-

Michael: Sorry but, I don't have time, we will talk at the faction meeting.

F/N: Ehh... Okay, I can wait.

Michael: Thank you. See you later.

Michael disappeared in a flash.

F/N: Hmm...

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