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ɴɪᴄᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇᴇᴛ ʏᴏᴜ.

"Nice to meet her only?" The second shortest asked. Y/N sighed, "The three of you too." Y/N realized that the shortest girl's hand was still on her shoulder and was about to politely asked her to remove it when the tallest beat it to her. "Okay, unnie, you can remove your hand now," Which followed by the girl with the bangs, "And, don't need to stand so close to her." 

"okay, great start." 

Y/N cleared her throat then she realized something furry brushed against her legs. "Leo, come here." The girl with the bangs grabbed the cat away from Y/N's legs. "Okay so, I will be honest. I do not want to be here right now, alright. I just needed this job in order to buy a place so I can live on my own. So, let me tell you your schedule for tomorrow and bye bye." Y/N said it all out in one breath. "Damn, thanks for being honest." I guess we all know who said that. Five of them took a seat on the black couch and got comfortable, except the new manager. "Alright," Y/N read through the text that Nayeon sent while feeling four pairs of waiting eyes on her. "Tomorrow, your fan signing event will start at 7:30pm. I will pick you all up from here at 4pm. So, please be ready by then and wear appropriate clothing. Food will be served to you before the event start." Y/N tried to keep everything in short form because she knew the girls have done this before so what for going the extra mile. "We cool?" 

Someone laughed. "We cool? Who says that?" Y/N turned to her because she was seriously testing her. We all know who is it.

 That's when she realized, "damn it, why was her name again? i forgot all their names, huh? babo."

Y/N ignored the mocking and shamelessly asked their names. "Oh wow, what a great thing to ask on the first day of your new job. round of applause, yorobun." Y/N swear the girl with the cat-eyes was getting on her nerve.

"Lisa, youngest."

"Chaeyoung or Rosé, second youngest."

"Jennie, second oldest." 

"Jisoo, oldest."'

"And what is your name?" Jisoo asked. "Y/N and no, you do not need to know my surname." She stopped them. She saw Jennie smiled and she let out a sigh. "What Jennie?" 

"Who is Nayeon unnie to you?" She asked. "My cousin."

Y/N answered and the other three girls literally facepalm themselves. "So, Im Y/N?"

"yup, i am really dumb."

the second chapter is done. yay!

disclaimer: any korean words i am writing, i got it from google translation so idk if it's correct but if it is not, blame google.

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