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~It begins~

(Y/n)'s P.O.V.:

I smiled at the camera as a student took our picture, me, Edna, Jack and Greg.

We are college students, not just any college but a medical college.

Edna took the camera back from the student and beamed.

"Look at this! Isn't this amazing!?" She squealed at our smiling lit up faces captured in a picture. I met this little hyperactive girl during my first day of college, it was inevitable since we were roommates, this girl is smart about everything, but everything doesn't include studying.

"Agreed, I want a copy too (y/n)" Greg took the camera and explained the image. I met him during a small... clumsy moment. I was going to my dorm with some snacks which included noodles and drinks, and some other papers for studies when I crashed into him. He was nice unlike many people, he helped me back and even brought me new food items for my all nighter. We shared dorm numbers, and became pals.

"Its nice" Jack smiled happily as he too looked at the picture. I met him during class, but let's save that for later.

"I can you all three of you a copy" I smiled with my hands held behind my back, they all looked at me.

"Yay!" The trio cheered as I laughed.

We are on a field trip, it's a labratoy with an undergrou mental asylum, which is creepy, and secured. We are not allowed in there and to be honest, I won't even want to, I've heard of those pics, ad they stress me out.

I don't feel like fainting dying my last field trip. Indeed, last, this is our third year and exams are due in a few months. We will be studying for that.

"Jeez, I can't believe our last year is also about to end, this sucks" Greg groaned as he looked at the sky.

"Well, we did have a lot of fun together" Edna smiled.

"Well, I still remember when we snuck out that time. We were almost caught when we hid, and Jack decided to hide in a dumpster, if that cat hadn't come out from behind, we would've been done for" I smiled fondly at the memory. Jack blushed and the other two laughed.

"The only possible hiding place was the dumpster that was close enough alright!" He crossed his as he tried to glare at us, failing big time. Greg hit the back of his head playfully.

"You're such an adorable bean Jack" He brought Jack into a side hug and gave him a noogie on his head.

"Oi! Ow! That hurts you fu-!" Greg suddenly whispered something in Jack's ear as he was about to finish, which made Jack erupt in fifty shades of red, it seemed as if Edna understood, but I was confused.

"Wait what" I looked at them as Jack was hiding his face and Greg and Edna were laughing.

~With the end~

Yahoo, another story, kill me please because I feel like the end is going to be really shitty. Halp.

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