Chapter 61

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I must have been limping in the direction of home for about ten minutes when the rain started. It had been light at first and barely even noticeable. Only when I ran my hands through my hair did I feel the wetness of it all.

But, eventually, it grew heavier. It wasn’t something of gradual occurrence, it just suddenly began to pour down, and I knew that my cast was going to be completely destroyed if it got too wet and I’d have to keep it on for longer.

I tried to quicken my pace, but the rainclouds turned darker and fairly soon, the rumbling of thunder became audible in the distance. Inwardly groaning, I knew that I wasn’t going to make it home in time before the storm really set in, and I was going to have to find shelter and call my mum.

Well, that was until I remembered that they didn’t know that I had a phone, and they’d demand to know where I had gotten that one from. So, instead I sucked in my pride and realized that I would have to walk to my grandparents.

It wasn’t even a five minute walk away from the spot I had been at when I decided what to do, and so I didn’t really have to worry too much about the storm itself. I was apprehensive however, and I knew that they weren’t going to be too pleased that I had turned up.

I’d hardly talked to them recently, and I doubted they’d be happy with me after the way things turned out and the lies I had told. I knew that it was my only option if I wanted to be in any less trouble when I did eventually go home.

As I limped, the numbing worry that my dad would be there washed over me. If he was, he was going to demand to know where I had been, and I was going to be in so much trouble if I told him that I had gone to see Jade and Alex.

I’d either have to keep my mouth shut – which, with Matt obviously wouldn’t work, or I would have to lie. But he knew that I didn’t know anybody else to make up a lie about being with, so I was well and truly fucked.

As I rounded the corner and into their street, I could see that the lights were on downstairs and they were evidently in. I wasn’t thinking too far ahead as to what I would say to them, but I figured that lying in too much depth would appear false and they’d immediately suspect something.

They’d probably call my dad too.

I sighed audibly, walking past the front window and up to the front door. At a first glance, the car across the road had appeared to be my dad’s and a sudden rush of nausea had come over me. But thankfully, it wasn’t.

The cast on my leg had become rather sodden, and I suspected my make-up had run. I could feel the ringlet curls in my hair returning as it became increasingly damp also, and I could only imagine their faces as they opened the door to me.

It took a great deal of willpower to actually knock on the door, and as I did, I instantly regretted it. I drummed my fingers against the side of my leg as I waited for what seemed like hours for them to come and answer the door.

When they did, I tried to stand up as straight as possible and seem rather cheery, despite everything.

My grandmother however, was far from impressed. Instead of greeting me, she simply scoffed and made a remark about how lucky my dad was that he left five minutes ago.

I stood listening to her, trying to ignore the fact that the raindrops were getting bigger and more frequent, and I was going to get pneumonia if she didn’t let me in sooner or later.

It was only when the thunderstorm came overhead that she finally let me inside, although she insisted that I stand in the porch because she didn’t want me to drip all over their new carpet.

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