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(Sunny is back in South Korea.)

Sunny had a rough life after her mother had passed away. It was one of the biggest reasons why Sunny had moved to South Korea because her mom had always wanted to take her daughters there, to her hometown. Her mother was Korean-American but mostly identified as an American since she didn't live in Korea long.

Sunny's mother passed away after her little sister was born, only when Sunny was 14. She thought her life started to go down hill until she found Seventeen and debuted, when she did debut... she felt as if she was making her mother proud.

It was that day. It was the day her mother passed away, five years ago. January 20th marked the day that Sunny's mother had left the earth on a good note.

The boys knew to stay a bit away from Sunny unless she needed someone with her. She usually just stayed in her room and looked back at the pictures she had with her mother.

"Sunny!" A little voice yelled from outside of her bedroom door.

Sunny jumped up when she recognized the voice. Her sister? Min-Ji? Sunny opened the door quickly and looked down to see her little sister.

"Oh my go— Min-Ji!" Sunny yelled while bringing the girl into a hug.

Sunny's sister knew what had happened to her mother and it also made her life hard as well. Sunny sat down on her bed with Min-Ji and held her small hands in her own.

"You know what today is right Min-Ji?" Sunny asked.

The little girl nodded.

"You know it's okay to be sad, right?" Sunny asked, wiping her little sisters slow tears.

"I-I know." Min-Ji said in a small voice.

Sunny picked up a picture frame which was sitting on her table next to her bed. She showed it to her sister and pointed out every person in the photo. Father. Herself. Min-Ji. Her Mother.

"I miss mommy." Min-Ji said.

"I know you do, I do too. You know mom is watching you right now though and she loves you so much." Sunny said, tears forming in her own eyes as well from seeing her sister cry.

Min-Ji nodded and looked at the picture that was lying on Sunny's bed.

"I know what will make you happy!" Sunny said, wiping the tears out of her eyes.

Sunny took her sisters hand, helped her off the tall bed, and walked with her sister outside of her room. Sunny walked over to Vernon.

"Wahhhh!" Min-Ji screamed as she ran over to Vernon.

Sunny's sister loved to be with Vernon whenever she came to visit in South Korea. One, he was able to communicate with her since Min-Ji only really knew English. Two, he just naturally knew how to deal with kids.

Sunny smiled as her sister started to play around with Vernon. She looked around to find her dad standing somewhere in the dorm, but he wasn't there. Sunny was confused until Woozi told her that her dad had dropped off Min-Ji before leaving for Sunny's mothers annual celebration for life.

Sunny's mother's side of the family threw a relaxing party for the adults to celebrate the life of their daughter, or sister, Sunny's mother. The girls never really went due to work or being in school. Of course, they felt bad but the family always reassured them that it was alright.

"Are you okay Sunny?" A familiar voice asked, she took her eyes off of her sister and moved her gaze to the boy in front of her.

"No..." Sunny said as she started to cry, being brought into the arms of Mingyu.

"It's only been six years..." Sunny said, holding onto the boy.

"Sunny, it's going to be okay. Your mother loves you, she knows you love her." Jeonghan said, rubbing the girls back to make her feel safe and a little better as he stood next to Mingyu.

After plenty of crying and sniffling, Sunny pulled away from Mingyu and walked back into her room. Hearing her sisters laughter made her happy, knowing Min-Ji was a part of her mother that she had left.

She stared at the small flower tattoo on her wrist, it was her mother's favorite flower and Sunny got it tattooed three years after her mother passed since she had a love for the flower as well. It made her feel connected.

Sunny held the picture of her family in her hands and watched as her tears fell onto the picture frame while she tried to quietly speak to her mom.

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