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King and Queen up there^^^

Evangeline's P.O.V

Callie led me down the long hallway, the plush emerald carpet muffling the sounds of my heels as she rushed me round corners and up stairs with utmost speed.

The castle was quite large; the layout still confused me at times even though I had lived here my whole life. There was honestly no way for anyone to know their way around the grounds without a map, or in my case, a maid.

I knew the ways around the main floors and even some of the secret ones, but once we went past level 14, my mind begins to spin along with the hundreds of spiral staircases.

"Hurry m'lady. We only have a few minutes before you are late."

Her voice was broken by her fitful fits of panting, her breathing ragged from her foolish running through the castles halls.

Her sweaty hand clasped at mine when she gave me a sharp tug around another corner before stopping abruptly at top of the grand staircase that led straight down to the ballroom.

Callie whirled me around, her hands flying all over my body, tucking in stray hairs and flattening my ruffled dress.

When she felt sure that I looked presentable, she gave me a reassuring smile and patted me on my shoulder.

I guess that meant I was free to go?
Free to flee from her scrutiny?

"Miss, you must go. I wish not to be held accountable for your foolish tardiness."

My eyes flew to hers in surprise, my eyebrows raised slightly. No maid was supposed to speak that way to a lady, much less a Princess!

I opened my mouth to question her meaning, when my name flew from my mother's lips like a curse.

"Evangeline! Come down here this instant!"

Her voice carried through the empty ballroom, the barren walls echoing the harsh request over and over again.

I pressed my lips together and straightened my posture. Needn't let my mother see my bad habits.

Callie gestured with her head, swinging it towards my mother who stood at the bottom of the stairs, her hands placed dangerously on her slim hips.

Oh gods above...please spare me this day.

I heaved an unladylike sigh, before regaining my composure and descending the staircase with as much grace as I could muster.
You couldn't even hear my footsteps as I made my descent. But of course, that would never be good enough for my mother.

Her harsh eyes met mine and locked onto them until I reached the bottom.

When my heels pressed against the last marble stair, her hand shot forward and yanked me down the rest of the way.

I stumbled into her arms, my right heel hooking in the fabric of my gown.

Her hands came up and grasped my upper arms quickly, her hold on me that of steel.

When I was standing upright again, she didn't drop her hands, but instead she tightened her grip.

I winced but met her eyes once again, mine beginning to fill with unshed tears. No matter what I did, I could never make my mother proud. I could never impress her.

"Why were you late? Breakfast started two minutes ago!"
She hissed, her voice seething through her teeth like a snakes.

But something inside me seemed to snap and I rolled my eyes and let my posture fall.

I was tired of this woman's stupid expectations, for them to not even be noticed, no matter the trouble I went through.

"Two minutes mother? Are you serious?"

A sharp sting suddenly spread across my cheek, the heat in the shape of my mothers hand.

She had slapped me. The pain in my cheek was not near as strong as the pain in my pride.

She stepped closer to me, her nose dangerously close to mine. "You listen to me young lady. You have been nothing but a brat since you were born, but I chose to deal with the problem and raise you to be a lady of poise and grace. You dissapoint me on days like today," she pressed her lips together and her dull but somehow sharp eyes shot up to mine again. "In there, there is a man that is very wealthy. We need the connection with his kingdom and you will be that connection."

My eyes widened at the demand in her voice, my shock making itself known. She didn't want to speak of the town or the village with me this morning. No, she wanted to engage me to a man that I had no wish to be with and no love to give to. She was going to force me into marriage.

I took a shaky step back, my heart beating a mile a minute; I needed to get back to my room. I needed to hide, to escape from the hell that had long been  my life.

But what would I do? I couldn't run, no matter how badly I wished to. My mother was the Queen. She would find me.

My thoughts were panicked now as my gaze shot all around the room, almost as if I felt the walls would close in. They were closing in.

"Evangeline. Get ahold of yourself. You are the Princess of Norïa and now you must act like it. Not some scared peasant girl!"
My mother spat, her hand grasping my forearm and pulling me forward again. "Go."

I bit the inside of my cheeks to keep my tears at bay. I really had no option. No choice in how my life would turn out.

I raised shaky hands into my hair and smoothed it down. No matter who laid beyond those doors, I was still a Princess. I wouldn't just throw a tantrum and not care about how I looked to others. I had to be strong. I had keep my composure.

My mother stepped forward and harshly wiped at the tear stains on my cheeks and pushed me towards the grand doors, none too gently at that.

I walked forward slowly, my mind trying to think of every possible escape that was an option. I turned up with none.

What was I to do?

My heels echoed across the marble, my mother's not far behind as I neared the grand doors.

I gazed up at them in wonder; I never before stopped to study them. They were well over 20 feet tall and the gold designs etched into it's surface showed our kingdoms true wealth.

My kingdom. I had to support my kingdom. I had to act like a true, potential ruler. I had to act like a Princess, even if I didn't feel like one.

With a deep inhale of breath, I placed each of my hands on the doors large golden handles. And I pushed them down. Then I pulled.

I watched the doors swing open towards me in slow motion, the only thing keeping it's speed being my heart.

You are a Princess. You must support your kingdom. You are a Princess. You must support your kingdom.

I let my gloved hands fall back to my sides before taking a shaky step into the dining hall.


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