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Shawn was tossing and turning in his bed, clearly disgruntled. He whimpered and clenched his blankets tightly as his whole body was sweating. He woke up in a cold sweat and began panting, looking around frantically. He's been suffering from nightmares for a couple of years now and still hasn't quite shaken them.

He got up out of bed and went to go to use the bathroom. He splashed some water on his face and sighed, looking at himself in the mirror. He felt as though he were a zombie, he had bags under his eyes and his coloring was off. He sniffed and walked back to his bed and crawled inside his covers, snuggling against his body pillow.

He was having a hard time drifting back off to sleep because normally after he had a nightmare, whatever he saw haunted him. He squeezed his pillow for dear life and whimpered, breathing heavily.

Shawn started to hear sounds which made him panic, he buried his face under his covers and started panting again. Tears stung his eyes and threatened to spill down his face, 'Relax Mendes, Relax it's nothing,' he said to himself as reassurance. He heard a loud crashing noise downstairs and he bit his lip, apparently a little too hard because it began bleeding, which was odd because he didn't feel his teeth pierce his lip nor did it hurt.

He whined irritated and got up to peek out of his door and looked for the noise. He was terrified but he didn't want to "be a baby," as Justin would say, so he decided to search out the troubling noises despite his nightmare bothering him.

As he walked the hallways, they didn't look the same. He looked at the walls and they were an eerily purple color which made his insides twist up. He breathed in and out as Justin would instruct him to and quickly made his way out of the what seemingly was never ending hall.

He got to the kitchen and saw a dark figure holding something. He gasped and hid behind the chair, trying to get a closer look. He heard the figure slashing things so he got up to leave, he then let out a shriek when he felt something brush up against his foot and he fell backwards on his butt. It was Shawn's old cat, Lucy from when he was little. Shawn held his leg that was strangely gnashed and bleeding as tears made their way down his face.

The dark figure got closer to him and Shawn began screaming as it lifted up the knife and quickly slashed it down towards him.

"Wake up! Wake up baby! Shhhh, it's just a dream, wake up Shawn," Justin stood over Shawn, trying to wake up the screaming teenager. Justin was awakened by Shawn's screaming and sprinted quickly towards the noise. Shawn woke up in a cold sweat and started coughing. He was delirious and still trying to wake from his dream when he saw his brother and whimpered, throwing his arms around him and cried, terrified.

"Shhhh, it's okay, I'm here now," Justin wrapped his arms around Shawn, rubbing up and down his back with one hand and squeezing Shawn's hand with the other.

"Don't s-stab me, don't kill me, h-help!" Shawn cried into Justin's shoulder, fearing for his life as Justin gently pulled him into his lap, rocking Shawn side to side as he murmured soft words in his ear. Justin was an anxious mess hearing the words pour out of Shawn's mouth.

"Shh, shhh, I'm here. I won't let anyone hurt you, sweetie," Justin held the sobbing Canadian, "it's all okay, shh, calm down." Shawn clung to Justin for dear life and refused to let him go, keeping his face buried into his brother's neck.

Justin rocked Shawn gently, rubbing up and down his back trying to get the knots out. Shawn cried himself back asleep, his brother's shirt soaked in one spot from all the tears. Justin then tucked him in and kissed his forehead. He stayed in the room for awhile to make sure Shawn was okay before he left out to his own room.

Shawn woke up the next morning feeling foggy. He pulled the blankets off of him and walked downstairs. The disturbingly morbid halls he saw in his dream weren't there to his benefit. He finally made his way to the kitchen, seeing Justin sitting at the table writing what looked like to be music lyrics.

"Good morning, Shawn." He called out softly as he noticed Shawn's presence. Shawn yawned and rubbed his left eye before making his way to his brother. Justin pulled on Shawn's shirt to get him closer to him before grabbing his hands and gently rubbing them.

"You okay?" He asked him, now rubbing up and down Shawn's arms as Shawn groggily nodded. Shawn sniffed and rubbed his eye again, "I had a nightmare," he mumbled. Justin pulled him into his lap and inspected Shawn's face.

Shawn's eyes were kind of blood shot and he had bags as if he wasn't getting enough sleep. Justin took pity on his brother and pulled him close, rubbing his spine with one hand and he held Shawn's hand with the other.

"You did? Aww, I'm sorry baby," Justin caressed Shawn's face with his thumb, "Do you wanna tell me about it?" He asked sincerely as he pulled Shawn close. Shawn nodded and leaned his head on Justin's shoulder as he began to tell Justin about his nightmares he's been having recently.

He told him the one he had the other night was worse than the others because it was a killer present and how the killer was Justin. He broke down and cried and Justin reassured him that it was just a nightmare and he'd never do anything like that to him ever and that he'd protect him with his life.

"O-okay big brother," Shawn sniffled, wiping away his tears. Justin got a tissue and had Shawn blow his nose into it as he urged him to stop crying, kissing the bridge of his nose.

Later that night, Shawn was about to go sleep and Justin tucked him in, reading him a bedtime story and giving him a comfort kiss to tie it all off. As Justin went to turn off the light, Shawn panicked and begged him not to. "Hold on, d-don't..." Shawn sat up quick and started shaking slightly.

Justin sighed and leaned against the door frame.
"Sweetie, the light has to go off."
"N-no!" Shawn begged, tears filling his eyes. Shawn has been afraid of the dark since birth seems like. He always had to have his light on to keep the monsters away when he was younger and the lights fought off killers too. Justin took pity on his baby brother but he knew he had to force Shawn to turn the lights off.

"I'm sorry, but the light has to go off Shawnie." Justin stated again.
"Does it?" Shawn looked at Justin, pleadingly. Justin nodded and turned the light off again, "you'll be okay." He said as he left out the room, shutting the door.

Shawn laid there for a moment before shutting his eyes. He started whimpering and trying to calm himself but it didn't work. He got up and quickly ran through the dark hall and opened Justin's door, crying silently.

Justin turned over at his door being opened and saw Shawn, a look of concern spread on Justin's face as he sighed, waving Shawn over with his fingers. Shawn quickly made his way over and crawled in Justin's bed.

Justin wrapped the blankets on him and Shawn, pulling him close. Justin was tired but Shawn didn't seem to be too tired since he simply stared at Justin as Justin tried to sleep. Justin opened his eyes to Shawn staring at him, semi-sleepily since his eye lids looked heavy.

"Why are you staring at me?" Justin asked, raising a brow tiredly. Shawn simply shrugged and smiled, laying on his side, still looking at Justin. Justin chuckled and poked Shawn's tummy. "I'd wedgie you if I weren't so tired," he murmured in Shawn's ear as he held Shawn close, rubbing his back.

Shawn glared and stuck his tongue out, nuzzling onto Justin and closing his eyes. He felt safe in his big brother's arms and he only liked sleeping with the lights out when he was with Justin.

"Good night, sweet pea, I won't let anything hurt you." Justin murmured before kissing Shawn's forehead. Shawn believed him and snuggled closer, feeling his big brother's warmth and it lulling him to sleep.

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