Chapter Eleven

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Kita followed the unmarked EBI charger through the underground garage of the Angel City Empire Building. They descended six stories and stopped before a door with an anti-vehicle barricade. The man stopped at a security kiosk and scanned his badge. The door went up as the barricade sank into the floor.

The charger pulled forward, and Kita followed into an empty garage area, complete with large MAC toolboxes, power lifts, air compressors, and everything a working garage needed. Kita was envious. I wish I had half the stuff they have.

The charger parked near a door and Kita pulled in behind it. The two EBI agents exited the charger and walked to Kita. She took off her helmet and set it on Arcee's gas tank. Slowly, she raised her hands.

"I want a lawyer," said Kita meekly.

"You're not under arrest," said the woman.

"We do have some questions about you and your bike," said the man. "I'm Special Agent Muller."

"And I'm Special Agent Skulls. We're part of the EBI's UXE division."

"What's a UXE?" said Kita.

"Unexplained Events," said Muller. "We investigate strange occurrences and search for their origins."

"You're not going to pull my bike apart while I'm gone, are you?"

"Your bike is safe. You just need to answer our questions. Follow us."

Muller retrieved the kill device from Arcee and walked toward the door. Kita followed with Skulls behind her. Muller waved his badge at a sensor next to the door. They walked down a long hallway lined with unmarked doors. Muller stop in front of a random door, scanned his badge and opened it. He led everyone inside. There was a desk with two chairs on one side and a single on the other, and nothing else.

"Have a seat," said Muller waving to the single chair.

Kita sat and put her hands and elbows on the table. "So, if I'm not in any trouble, I can leave at any time, right?"

"You could leave," said Skulls, "but we are the only ones between you and the California Highway Patrol. If you cooperate, we can make it go away."

"Why is nobody doing anything about the goons who attacked me on the freeway?" demanded Kita.

"Can you be more specific?" said Muller.

"Are you saying there are lots of attacks on the freeway?" chided Kita.

"What was involved?" said Skulls.

"Two black BMWs and a large moving van. The BMWs followed me through the city. When I got on the freeway, I was passing the moving van when its side door opened and a goon with a launcher fired a metal claw into my bike. It took forever for me to get loose. That's why I was speeding through traffic, to get away from them."

Skulls opened her phone and tapped for a few moments. She showed something to Muller as she swiped back and forth. "I have found when and where you entered the freeway, but nothing happens until the highway patrol lights you up."

"I was attacked," said Kita firmly. "I have the marks in my bike's cowl to prove it. They tried to reel me in like a whale, with hooks and everything."

Muller stood up and exited the room.

"Where's he going?" said Kita.

"Let's talk about the night the CHP pulled you over," said Skulls.

"You know about tonight."

"You were pulled over two days ago outside the city."

"What about it? I didn't do anything. He hit me in the back of the head."

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