John Doe Part 2

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Graham, Mary Margret, Emma and I  were in the security room . One of security guard was showing us the tapes from the last 12 hours. Him and Leroy, the janitor , were the only people on the floor in the last night, so they were in the room with us.
‘’you two were the last two employes on the floor last night and you saw nothing?’’Graham asked.
‘’not a thing’’the security guard said
‘’did anyone walk by?’’Emma asked looking at Leroy.
‘’I didn’t see nothin’’Leroy said.
‘’Ms. Blanchard, Elizabeth did either of you see anything unusual on your trip with the children?’’graham asked looking at me and Mary Margret.
‘’I don’t think so’’Mary Margret said.
‘’no’’I said shaking my head. Emma walked over to the TV.
‘’we are looking at the wrong tape. This is the ward where Henry's class but up decorations. If this was the right tape than we would see the banners the kids hung’’Emma said. She had a good eye! I didnt even relize that!
‘’you feel asleep again’’Leroy said pointing at the security guard.
‘’you sold me out?’’
‘’I ain’t getting fired for this’’Leroy said.
‘’you drink on the job’’
I wanted to burst out laughing at the scene in front of me but i bit my lip so i wouldn't.
‘’gentlemen enough. Where is the real tape?’’graham asked.
We got the real tape and we watched the TV. John Doe came on the screen and was walking out of a door.
‘’he walked out alone. Hes okay’’nary Margret said
‘’4 hours ago. Where dose this door lead?’’Emma asked
‘’the woods’’
My eyes widened and I looked at G.
‘’looks like we are going on a hike’’I said
We were in the woods now. Graham was leading us, he found a trail apparently. i was in the back, I wasn’t used to this kind of stuff. Thank god I didn’t wear heels today. The only long walks i take it when im shopping.
‘’whats wrong?’’I asked graham. He was knelled to the ground making us stop walking.
‘’the trail runs out here’; he said
‘’you sure? cause I thought tracking was one of your skills’’Emma said. Graham stood up.
‘’just give me a second. This is my world. I got it’’he said, walking away.
‘’right. Sorry’’Emma said. I snickered a little. I started walking again after him.
‘’can you find it?’’I asked looking down at the ground.
‘’not sure but I think im getting close’’Graham said. I heard footsteps and I turned to see Emma, Mary Margret and Henry.
‘’Henry when did you get here?’’I asked
‘’a minute ago. sneaked out''
I laughed slightly.
''found it''Graham said. I started walking after him, with the rest of the group behind me.
‘’you’re the one who woke him up. you’re the last one he saw. He wants to find you.’’Henry said. i stopped walking and turned to see Mary Margret and Emma had stopped walking as well.
‘’Henry its not about me. I think he’s lost and confused. He’s been in a coma a long time’’
‘’but he loves you. You need to stop chasing him and let him find you’’
‘’kid, you need yo go home. where’s your mom? Shes’s gonna kill me and then you and then me again’’Emma asked
‘’she dropped me at the house then went right out.’’henry said.
‘’well, we need to get you back immediately’’
‘’guys!’’graham called. We ran over to where he was. Graham was knelled down on the ground again. I looked down at what the light was flashed at and there was a hospital bracelet that said John Doe on it and  there was blood on it.
‘’is that?’’I asked
‘’blood’’Emma said finishing my sentence. Hes probably hurt. We continued to walk. Graham lead us to the toll bridge over the river.
‘’where is he? can you see him?’’I asked
‘’the trail dies at the water line.’’
I pointed the flashlight at the water. I couldn’t see him.
‘’oh, my god! oh my god!’’Mary Margret shouted. I looked at her and she was running towards the water. John Doe was in the water. I held Henry back as Graham and Emma rushed towards them.
‘’I need an ambulance at the old toll bridge as soon as possible’’graham said in his walkie talkie. They pulled him out of the water and carried towards the rock beach.
‘’no, no, no, no, no ,no, no. I found you. its going to be okay. helps coming’’mary Margret said as they set him down.
‘’is he okay?’’Henry asked
Emma rushed over to us
‘’Henry, don’t look, okay. don’t look’’Emma said taking Henry. I hope he will be okay. my nerves were taking over. Mary Margret started performing CPR on him. Right after she put her lips to his he sputtered water and started coughing. I signed in relief.
‘’she did it. she did it. she woke him up’’Henry said.
‘’yeah, kid, she did’’ Emma said
Me and Emma shared looks before looking back at them. I heard sirens coming towards us. Mary Margret and the John Doe would be really cute together. Of coarse I would think about that in a time like this.
We got to the hospital and the nurses and Dr.Whale  wheeling him into his old room. The nurses closed the doors so we couldn’t come in. We watched as the doctor and nurses worked on him.
‘’David? David is that you?’’I heard a woman asked. She walked past me and into the room. Who was that woman?
‘’who is that?’’Mary Margret asked
‘’his wife’’
I turned to see Regina who was looking smug at Mary Margret and Emma.
I sat next to henry in a chair. Regina was not happy, at all.
‘’his name is David Nolan, and that’s his wife Kathryn and the joy on her face, well,its put me in quite the forgiving mood’’
Regina looked at henry’’we’ll talk about your insubordination later. Do you know what insubordination’’
He shook his head.
‘’it means you’re grounded.’’
Well that was  nice word for getting grounded. I heard the door open and the woman, Kathryn came out.
‘’thank you. thank you for finding my David’’Kathyrn said to Mary Margret.
‘’um, I don’t, I don’t understand. You didn’t know that he was here in a coma?’’
She's got a point.
‘’a few years ago, David and I were..not getting along. It was my fault. I know that now. I was difficult and unsupported. I told him if he didn’t like things, he could leave, and he did, and I didn't stop him. It was the worst mistake I ever made.’’
That makes hardly enough sense. Wouldn't she look for him, if she really loved and knew she had made a mistake wouldn't she go look for him or call him?
‘’you didn’t look for him?’’I asked
‘’I assumed he’d left town all this time. now I know why I never heard from him. Now I get to do what I’ve wanted to do forever, say im sorry. Now we get a second chance’’
I like Mary Margret with him better. There was something weird about her story, I couldn’t pin point it.
‘’that’s wonderful’’Mary Margret said. The door opened and Dr.whale stepped out.
‘’well, its something of a miracle.’’
‘’hes okay?''Kathyrn asked
‘’physically, hes on the mend. Um, his memory is another issue. It may take time, if at all.’’
‘’what brought him back?’’Mary Margret asked.
‘’that’s the thing, there's no explanation. Something just clicked in him.’’
‘’wait so your saying he woke up and was like ‘hey how about a walk in the woods’ ‘’I said
‘’he woke up and he was delirious, and his first instinct was to go find something, I guess.’’
‘’someone’’Henry said. I looked at him. Ah yes he was looking for Mary Margret.
‘’can I see him?’’Kathryn asked
‘’yeah, of course’’Dr.Whale said letting her in.
‘’henry, lets go’’Regina said. I gave henry a soft smile as he got up from the chair.
‘’wait. My backpack.’’ I knew he forgot it on purpose. He grabbed his bag and then looked at Mary Margret.
‘’don’t believe them. you’re the one he was looking for.’’
‘’he was going to the troll bridge. Its like the end of the story.’’
‘’Henry. he was going there because it’s the last thing I read to him’’
‘’no, its because you belong together.’’
‘’Henry’’Regina called. Henry walked away and to Regina. I gave Mary Margret a sad look. Emma got up and ran after Regina and Henry.
‘’come on, lets go home’’I said getting up. I stood next to her and she was smiling at David and he was doing the same.
‘’yeah, lets go home’’she said.
Later that night after we had eaten dinner there was a knock on the door. Mary Margret who was sitting on the stairs got up.
‘’Emma’’I heard her say when she opened the door. I put my phone down in my lap.
‘’sorry to bother you so late. Is that spare room still available?’’Emma asked
I saw Mary Margret nod her head. Emma came in and I smiled.

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