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The day Serena dreaded had finally come, the day she had to let her her only child, Luna, move back to America to live with her ex wife

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The day Serena dreaded had finally come, the day she had to let her her only child, Luna, move back to America to live with her ex wife.

Amy's alleged suicide was the last straw, suspecting a cover story and foul play, along with the Hernandez's death, Serena made the decision to pack their bags and took the first flight out to Italy taking Luna with her, petrified the same thing would happen to her.

  "The car is ready." The butler said.

  "Thank you, is Luna in the car?"

The butler shook his head, "She's out by the pool."

Serena sighed, having already told Luna she needed to be in the car, ready to leave. Making her way through the house and out to the pool, stopping when she saw her daughter sitting at the edge with her feet in the water.

"Natalia. You're supposed to be in the car."

Luna looked up at her mom, a meek smile plastered on her face, "Sorry, I just wanted one last look of this view."

  "Don't worry, you'll be back soon. Now hurry and dry off, we're going to be late." Serena told before walking back into the house.

Luna took one last glance at the ocean before getting her feet out of the water and getting up, grabbing the nearby towel, drying her legs off.

Walking back inside, finding her way to the sunroom where her grandparents were lounging, reading books.

"Nonno, Tita, Sto andando ora."

Setting their books down, they stood making their way over to their only grandchild.

After biding her grandparents farewell, she made her way to the front of the house where a car was waiting for her. Letting a frustrated groan out, she dreaded moving back with her mother. It's not that she hated her, it's the fact that she grew to love Italy in the past two years.

Climbing into the backseat, seeing her mama busy texting away on her phone, considering she was the CEO of Ferrari. Leaning her head against the headrest, she let an exasperated sigh out.

"Why do I have to go back. I thought you loved me?" Luna attempted to guilt her into letting her stay.

Serena looked up from her phone before setting it down, "Sadly, you are not just my child. Which means, I have to share you with a woman I regret meeting," she raised her hand and caressed Luna's cheek, "But meeting her brought me you. If I have to deal with her so I can have you, then so be it."

Luna rolled her eyes in annoyance, "But why can't I just stay with her for a month and come back." She whined.

Serena sighed, "Because, I've had you here for two years. If you don't go for a year, she will threaten to go to court, say how I used my name and money to bribe the judge..."

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