A Spirit of Bitterness

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Tension and bodies remained tight, as Joon continued to hold Lilith hard up against the cabinets, and she stood in churning silence.

But not for long.

Lilith elbowed Joon hard in the side. She suddenly gripped one of his wrists hard but gentle and pivoted her hip strategically into his while giving a light but thoughtful twist. In moments, she had Joon doubled over with his arm pinned to his back as he cried out in pain.

She leaned over him, whispering fervently in his ear, "You paint such a neat little picture, but you know what still doesn't add up? Why the fuck we had to leave the others behind in such a rush. Unless you're just full of bullshit--which I'm guessing you are."

She twisted his wrist just-so and Joon let out a fresh peal of agony beneath her. Lilith smiled.

 Lilith smiled

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"I thought so. You can't play me for a fool, Joonie boy. I'm not some fresh-through-the-dimension-portals spring daisy like Shae was when you sank your claws into her. And I'm not buying any of this horse shit, so--"

Joon groaned and shifted. He heaved--and then Lilith was flying over his head and she landed with a heavy thud, her back into the hard metal floor, and Kim Namjoon rolled over and onto her. He pinned her hands over her head in his own, and braced her ankles against the floor using his strong, lanky legs.

He was smiling down at her like the devil himself.

"Without Jin around, I could have you all to myself. What better reason than to leave him behind?"

Lilith spat up at his face, giving Joon a moment of pause to blink back the wetness. She growled, "You monster. Why would I ever want you?"

Joon's face hovered closer and closer to Lilith's as he whispered darkly, "The absolute truth... is that I'm your monster, Lil. Want me or not, I'm yours and you're mine. Because I'm your Haejok Ai."

"That's ridiculous. You sold your soul, gave your spirit for one from the House of Mirth. So how can you belong to me? I have nothing to do with it."

"You've got it wrong, Lil. They took the spirit of Kim Namjoon as I was, and now I am something else. But who took the ancient texts? ...It wasn't me."

Lilith twisted and shook beneath Joon in a rage, but he was bigger and stronger and he held her down steadily. He went on, "I'm the stuff of your most beautifully bitter dreams. But I'm here and now. You can touch me, strangle me, shoot me. You can do whatever the fuck you want to me... except kill me. Because I am bound to you. My spirit was taken, and a spirit of bitterness seized me when I made a deal with the House of Mirth in that Satoor Ai tomb of a library. A spirit of your bitterness."

Tears were trickling quietly down the sides of her face now as Lilith blinked through the blur and up and Namjoon. The familiarity of him, even in this evil state... something in her gut told her that these words... they were true.

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