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Riley was not a pessimist

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Riley was not a pessimist. She was a realist. Sure, Quinn would say that's what pessimist say when they're in denial but Riley always sent her a remark saying they were different.

She just had a realistic outcome for her life and was okay with that. She knew her dad wasn't coming back anytime soon. She knew she probably would never fall in love due to her fear of heartbreak. She knew she would be stuck in this town forever, living an average life with average people. This is why she likes to make the most of her high school life.

Her life wasn't the best. She couldn't exactly pin point the moment it all went downhill, but she had a few guesses. Three to be exact.

The first on the list could easily be the very start. As when Riley Parker was six, her father had walked out of Riley and her mother, Sarah's, lives. Riley could easily label this as the worst day of her life as it's the reason for the way Riley acts now.

She remembers the day so vividly. It was was a beautiful day before tragedy struck the Parker family. It was after lunch when Sarah and Jeremy started to argue. They had been getting into a lot of fights but none of them blew up like this one did. Riley could hear the noise from the living room, continuing to play with her toys and pretend nothing was happening. She remembered watching her father walk towards the front door and asking where he was going. He told her he was going on a walk and would be back by dinner. He's nine years late.

Second on the list was the day Noah Puckerman took her first kiss away from her. That asshole. She was twelve at the time. She remembered the day vividly. They were at a birthday party with their friends and they were playing truth or dare. Puck had asked her and she said dare, always liking a challenge. Oh, how she regretted it. He then dared her to kiss him.

Riley had been the only girl who hadn't fallen at Puck's feet when they met or talked. She found him to be a jerk, even if he did have his moments. Because if this, Puck was determined to get her to like him. Even if it meant taking her first kiss away from her. Just like that, her hopes for a special first kiss was taken away by an annoying boy.

Next on the list was what was happening right now.

"Are you kidding me?!" Riley asked, looking at her principal with wide eyes. She couldn't believe what he was telling her.

"I'm sorry, Miss Parker but you've taken it too far," Figgins told her, giving her a pointed look.

"They deserved it," Riley told him, "They insulted my friends because they said no to dates with them. I wasn't going to let them get away with that."

"You're lucky their parents aren't pressing charges. You slashed their car tyres!" Figgins shouted frustratedly, "You're lucky you're only being expelled!"

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