Chapter 25-The Rock Of Light

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-Three Quarter-Moons After Chapter 22-

The warm-cold season was here at last, and it had come rather quickly. One day, it had been the usual cold, and the next it was suddenly much hotter, and raining. Life bloomed just a few days later. The trees were covered in leaf buds, the grass was a bright green hue, and birds could be heard once more at last. The clan stood beneath the hot sun-high sky, awaiting for their Chief to began the ceremony.

Sagepaw stood in a line with all of the Learner's minus Sunpaw as she had a different ceremony to go through. At last, I shall become a warrior. I shall soon have a Learner of my own, so thus I may become deputy. My father has found new love with Apple-eye. She will never replace Rockheart, but she is a nice friend. It is good to see my father happy once more. 

"Warriors, Learners, and Elders of Valleyclan, we gather here today to celebrate a new begining in our clan." Birchstar called from over them from atop the Chief Rock. "A new season has brought us new warriors, and soon new kits. Each Learner has been meticulousily tested by their mentors, and found to be acceptable. Let us began!"

The clan cheered and so it began. Snowpaw went on to become Snowears for her great hunting skills. Skunkpaw went on to become Skunkpelt, for fur color, and Badgerpaw became Badger-rose for his kindness.But also to subtly insult him, as that is not a fearsome name for one with long claws. Now it is my turn. I expect something horrible.

"Sagepaw, " Birchstar said, getting Sagepaw's attention, "you have had two moons less training then the usual seven moons, but you have proven yourself to be an exception. "

Sagepaw was amused. Another way to put the fact that you think I deserve less training for being able to do less work because of my backwards front left paw.  Lucky me, though, You get to insult me, and I get to be deputy sooner. We both win.

"Do you promise do uphold the Code Of The Clans  and to defend your clan with your life?" Birchstar asked her.

"I shall be bound to my oath forevermore, and that I shall do." Sagepaw affirmed.

"Then, from henceforth, with what rights my ancestors have given me as Chief, you shall be named Burnscar for your loyalty to the clan."

Sagepaw faked a look of shock in her eyes, and Birchstar looked back with eyes of cruel satisfaction. The cheer for the clan was half-hearted. They may know me by the cruel name of Burnscar, but I have a much better idea. I name myself Sage-eye, in honor of my new mother an her deep, deep blue, almost purple, eyes. Rockheart named me for the purple sage flower because of my eyes, and thus I shall honor both of my mothers. She felt a small pang of sadness at the thought of Rockheart, and anger at Sunpaw at the same time.

"And as requested by Emberstar, Burnscar shall be taken to The Rock Of Light. Apple-eye please escort her to the border." Then she dismissed the clan with her tail and jumped from the high boulder.

Sage-eye saw Apple-eye come to, her amber eyes and light brown fur showing the uncertainty of a new mother. Her belly was visibly swollen, about half way through the cycle.

"Hello Mother." Sage-eye greeted. "Looks like we have some bonding time. Let us go now, shall we?" Apple-eye nodded, and off they went,  and out of the camp entrance into the vast valley that gave their clan their name. 

"Oh, what a horrible name she gave you!" Apple-eye quietly complained worryingly. "Naming you for your horrible left flank injury is horrible!"

Sage-eye's injuries were very visible. Three, long parallel fox claw marks ran down the middle of her left flank.  They were healed, but the permanent gashes were very visible. The fire had caused the fur around the middle of the scar to grow very little, and have blackened skin shown underneath. The effects radiated outward, getting less and less worse.

Sage-eye felt felt touched by Apple-eye's kind words. "Then do not call me that, mother." Sage-eye kindly said. "Call me Sage-eye, in honor of both of my mothers."

"Th-thank you." Apple-eye said. Then she went silent for the rest of the way to the border. Emberstar was already there, waiting with a few warriors. Sage-eye and Apple-eye said a quite farewell, and Sage-eye crossed into territory unknown.

"Welcome to the land of Blazeclan. What is your warrior name now?" Emberstar greeted.

"Hello to you as well. I am honored. They call me Burnscar, but call me Sage-eye." Sage-eye greeted back. She could see the shock on the Blazeclan warriors faces, but Emberstar showed nothing. They traveled in silence to the cave where Blazeclan resided. The terrain felt rough and smelled strange to Sage-eye.

The forest ended eventually in a sudden stop. Before them, stood a towering mountain. It had various shades of gray, brown, and black, and was devoid of life. The stretch of land before her was also devoid of life, being a hard, rocky surface that slammed into the fertile soil, as if it had been suddenly stopped.  A dark, gaping hole stood out in the mountain side. Sage-eye nervously followed them in.This is Firerock Mountain, home of Blazeclan, a mountain once said to have poured forth liquid fire.

A musty, moist, and warm air settled over Sage-eye as she entered into the void. The walked a while before she saw any cats. Beautiful, dim glowing worms were on the massive cavern's roof, the cavern in which Blazeclan lived. Things could barely be seen here, but somehow an entire clan lived in here with no problems. Bright cat eyes followed Sage-eye as she followed Emberstar, who's warriors went off to join their clan.

Time passed very slowly as Sage-eye as she followed the Blazeclan leader into the utter blackness. The Rock Of Light was then inf ront of them as they took a turn in a rocky tunnel. Sage-eye had to close her eyes against the sudden flash of sunlight hit her eyes. When she opened them again, she saw a majestic rock before her.

Two fox lengths tall, a sharp, pink rock jutted out from the rocky surface. The cavern's height was perhaps as tall as the mountain itself. Sunlight came through a hole far, far above them, barely see able. Sage-eye was in awe of it, but she fixed her purple eyes on Emberstar's copper ones. The sunlight brightened the Chief's brown fur.

"Welcome to the Rock Of Light, Sage-eye."Emberstar informed. "This is a beautiful monument built for us by our Blazeclan ancestors, and a place for us to connect with them when one becomes a warrior. Now let's get's down to business.  I understood that you needed to speak to me about Lakeclan's evil."

"Yes, that is it." Sage-eye agreed. "We all know that Darktail is in control of Lakeclan, controlling them with fear. But we are all too afraid to stop her. Valleyclan I know will not, but I shall. Brookclan will probably side with Lakeclan. Marshclan will fight, but they need allies. So thus they need you."

Emberstar looked somewhat impressed by Sage-eyes words. "Where do you get your motivation from, lady? It is not right to go against your clan leader."

"I have watched from the shadows, Emberstar. I have been in contact with our ancestors. I stand to fix Valleyclan's evil ways, and I know that you know of them. We must worked together to  top Starktail from destroying us all, but this is also an opportunity to fix Vallyclan." explained Sage-eye.

"I can see your motivation now." Emeberstar admitted. "It seems as if from all those "lesser" ones of your clan, you finally see a rightful way to do it, unlike, Brightwing say. We do stand with Marshclan already, but Treestar must take action. Either that, or Brookclan or Lakeclan attacks us."

"But you must do so now!" Sage-eye demanded. "We must either take down Brookclan first, or make them change sides!"

"And who are you to tell me this? You are from another clan, and not even the leader!" Emberster tensely said.

Time to tell her about Holeclan and Ravenheart! "Let me explain......" Sage-eye began. 

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