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report cards are going to be given out in three days and im deadass scared of my math grade

i honestly have to maintain an 85+ gen ave (and so far it's been 93) to keep a scholarship i have thats been covering most of my ridiculously overpriced tuition fee

plus my parents, who blame all of my problems on technology and assume taking them away solves the problem, but narrow-minded chinese parents will always have their ways ._.

parent teacher conference is also this week the day after report cards woohoo

even worse smth horrible happened today in class which i've been told not to tell, but lets just say that someone snapped reAlly horribly

and i was right in front of the person when he was losing his literal shit at someone else so

i was also the one that reported the thing to my class adviser and even if theyre really the first ones that are supposed to know abt any incident, they'll still say i ratted them out anyway

yey a n x i e t y

in conclusion

lets hope i survive this week

lets hope i survive this week

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