Part 29

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I waited and waited for Cayden to wake up. I've been here all night and he still wouldn't wake up. Now I had to go and train some of my gang members, I know what your thinking 'how can she be this fine after a car crash?' Well I'm not what you call normal so I just ignore the pain. I really didn't want to leave Cayden but I have to. I set out three guards outside of his room. We moved him to his house to avoid attention. 

I walked outside of the house and got into my car which I had parked outside of his house I then remembered I had to change so I went to my house and got changed. I got to my car and drove to the safe house it was there we were going to train today. After awhile I got there, I got out of my car and walked inside. "Everybody listen up!" I yelled making everyone look at me, they had clearly heard about the accident by the look on their face. 

"Just because this is the first day of training doesn't mean I am going easy on you guys!" I said and everybody agreed. "Let's go outside." I said and walked outside. Everybody got soon after outside. "Okay we are going to run some laps, you guys are going to follow me, if you are more than a hundred meters behind!" I say then continue. "Let's just say things wont look good for you." I threaten, it was the easiest way to scare them to do stuff better. 

I began running and everyone followed soon after, it hurt a little but it was bearable. We ran a into a forest and up a mountain, since running up a mountain is kind of hard I wasn't going to do anything if they got a little slower. It wasn't like a huge mountain but you would definitely break a sweat running up. My side started to hurt a little so I slowed down a little but I was still ahead of everyone.

We got to the top and everybody else was out of breath but I was doing alright. My side began hurting so much I had to sit down, I usually wouldn't but it hurt like a bitch. Alyssa went to me with a worried expression on her face. "Are you okay Sky? You should really not be training right now." She said worried, I had to smile at her. "I'm fine, I just had to sit down a little but I'm fine now." I started standing up, black spots began filling my eyes but I just ignore them. I started walking but the world was spinning around and around, and suddenly it got black and I fell to the ground. "SKY!" I could hear Alyssa.

I woke up in a comfortable bed but it wasn't mine. I opened my eyes and closed them to get used to the lightning. I look around in the familiar room, it was Cayden's. I look at my side and see a sleeping Cayden. I smile at how adorable he looks asleep. I get out of the bed but then the door opens with a thud. I look at the person who opened the door and it was Alyssa. She walked over to me and pushed me onto the bed. "You will not leave this bed until your in complete health." She said like she was the one who decided that.

 "I can't stay in bed all day I have stuff to do." Sky said trying to get up from bed but is pushed down again. "You are a billionaire Sky, you can have people wipe your butt I believe you can get a few days of from doing stuff." Alyssa said I was about to interrupt her but she hushed me. "No arguing you will not leave your room, I will take care of the gang and I will make sure they are training." She said. "Yeah but I have to train too Al." I complained but she just rolled her eyes. "Sky you have literally trained for this since you were a kid, I think you'll manage." 

"Fine, but why am I in Cayden's room and not mine?" I asked her because I knew she did this. "Oh... Umm... Okay I have been shipping you guys together before you got together so I want you guys to go back to each other." She said really quickly but I got what she was saying. "What why?" I asked confused, me and Cayden hated each other at first.

 "Well... You know wattpad?" she asked and I nodded, Alyssa was on that app constantly. "Well I kind of wanted you guys to have one of those cliche relationship I love those stories!" She exclaimed, did she really think that me and Cayden would have a cliche relationship? Me and Cayden is nothing but cliche, I don't really think shooting at someone you love is cliche at least not because of Oreos... Damn now I want Oreos...

"Alyssa? Can you pretty please get me some Oreos?" I asked with puppy eyes ignoring what she said before. "Yeah sure." She said walking to get Oreos. I looked at my side to see that Cayden was waking up. He sat up in the bed and looked at me, he hugged me so tight that I couldn't respond to the hug. "You're okay." He said relieved, I wonder why thought I wasn't okay. "Yeah I am bish." I said using my nickname for him. He kissed my cheek and hugged me again. "I love you princess." He said pulling away from the hug. "I love you too Cayden." I said not caring about the consequences it could be for him that I love him. 

"Please never leave me again, I need you to promise that you will not leave me." He said pleading. "I promise." I said then kissed him on the lips. I felt like I was floating while I kissed him he is my everything I love him.


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