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Rebecca's pov

"I'm sorry."

It was like all the air in my lungs dried out, he just apologised to me? Well, guess he wasn't as stuck up as I thought... But too bad, I'm not forgiving him, anytime from now.

I looked away, embracing the silence. I guess he took that as a cue to continue...

"What I did to you was, uncalled for. I don't do that to women, it's not what-"

I turned harshly to him. "But you did it to me."

That shut him up for a while.

"And I'm trying to do what's right by apologizing.”

I scoffed. "I don't need your apology, Emeliano... I don't want it- no matter what you say or do, it's not going to change the fact that you scarred me, it doesn't change the fact that I hate you... I can't forgive you and I can't forget about what you did... I'm trying to move on from that horrible experience, I don't know why you're hell bent on making me remember.”

He cocked a brow at me. "You're not gonna make this easy for me, are you?" He looked away.

"I'm not making anything- I just don't want to hear your apology... It's useless, I'm not gonna forgive you... Ever. So you can take your sorry, and shove it up your fudging ass." I let out a breath of relief. There it is, I let it out!

He looked a little shocked at this. "I never say sorry to anyone. Ever. I won't let you refuse my first apology."

"So? sorry for putting a red ink on your pride... I don't need it, so maybe we can pretend this never happened, you never apologised to me. Let's leave it at that. Aren't you late for work? Start up this engine- let's move." I said, my eyes not leaving his.

He gave a frustrated Chuckle and scratched his jaw before looking away with a frown on his face, his jaw was set in a hard way. "I don't care what you say or think. I've done what is right, it's up to you to take it or leave it." That was the last sentence he made till we reached his office.

  Did I do the right thing by refusing his apology? Did he even mean it?

I'm not gonna think about this! Come on Becca, focus on the mission! With a deep breath, I followed him into the grand organization, well, in summary, all I saw was glass! It was all bright and shiny... People gave me weird looks but they still greeted me and I answered with a bright smile.

I noticed something though, no body in this organization dared to make eye contact with Emeliano, they paid their respects with their head down, and it was rude when Emeliano refused to reply to their greetings, he just ignored them.

People were everywhere, working like their lives depended on it, they were all dressed In cooperate suits and all other professional stuffs.

When Emeliano entered Into a private elevator, I followed him.

"How can you be so rude? Over 30 people greeted you and you couldn't even acknowledge their decency? That is just plain rude." I said to him, but as usual, he ignored me and checked his wrist watch.
"Do not try to ignore me, Emeliano, I won't let this slide so easily! You have to be a gentleman sometimes! It's so obvious that people fear you, are you okay with that?"


"I knew you were an asshole but now I'm convinced you're worse than that! You're a butt hole!" What?

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