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Mary's POV

I'm so happy . I saw him and my little baby. They're so happy . I don't have August ,but at least I have the memories.

I ran into Royalty's room and saw her and Ethan playing. I immediately ran towards them both . I took them into my arms . Tears of joy filled my eyes .

I pulled back and smiled at him .

"I saw them ." I couldn't stop smiling.

"They're so happy ." I wiped my tears away.

"What are you talking about baby?" He looked at me confused.

"I saw August and my baby boy . They were so happy. He was so precious and little ." He smiled .

"I guess I'm giving him a brother because you're going to have one . It doesn't matter what it takes . It doesn't matter how much money it costs . We're going to have a baby . I put that on August's name . We're going to take care of him or her and watch him or her grow up as we grow old because I love you." He was tearing up .

I had the biggest smile on my face . I knew he wasn't lying. I'm positive we're going to have a little one of our own one day.

"Unkie Ethan am I going to have a cousin one day ?" Royalty asked .

"Yes babygirl. You're going to take care of him or her and play with them . You're going to be the best cousin in the whole wide world ." Her face lit up when Ethan began speaking.

"Yay!" She gave him a hug .

"Mommy I'm going to have a fake sister or brother!" She was so happy .

"Yes baby!" I kissed her cheek and hugged her tight .

She was so happy . Her smile was making my whole day even better . She might not be my little girl , but it sure does feel like it .  I love this girl with my entire life . Even if all else fails I will always care for her as my own .

Ethan is such a great father figure. It just comes natural to him without noticing.  The way he cares for Royalty is intriguing. I sometimes peek through the door and watch him . I watch him radiate this love to her . The gentleness when he plays with her . His soft tone of voice when he speaks to her . His joyful attitude towards her is mesmerizing.

Later that day

Ethan's POV

She doesn't want a kid no time soon . We've spoken about this many times . She just talks about it to feel like she can when her possibilities are slim . I try to cheer her up when that subject comes up . It still kills me inside that I was the one to fuck that part of her life up . It was all because I was angry and stressed. I fell for this woman when I wasn't supposed to . Look at me now . I'm head over heels for this beauty . This golden beauty. This brown eyed girl has taken over my whole life like never before.

Why does she do this to me . It feels like back when we were in high school a couple years ago . She makes me feel 17 all over again. I don't understand what she's doing to me , but I know it's something good . My body feels good about this . Her kisses take me back. Her touch sends chills throughout my entire body . Her powerful look gives me goosebumps.

What amazes me the most is her aim . Her aim is better than anyone in my department. She had to kill at least 40 drug sellers . The guys weren't playing when they said she was a bad woman. Without a doubt she's a bad woman . We need someone like her in the force . She didn't give two flying fucks if she died . She blew the guys heads off and saved the crew . I literally only got 3 kills . After they were all identified we found out they had a long record of charges . Especially that bitch that was the leader . I can't believe I didn't check her background before I even got her to be my girlfriend. Rookie mistakes like those cause major damage.

Pent house

Mary's POV

"How's it going detective Dolan." I said making my way into Grayson's penthouse .

"What are you talking about Fenty?" He said as he acted surprised .

"Grayson your brother told me . Now speak ." I smacked my had sort of hard on the table.

"Fucking ay'."he muttered under his breath.

I walked over to him and pat his back .

"Thanks for watching my ass Dolan."

"It is our job . All I have to say is that , you were a pain in the ass . A list of people had a price on your head . Your father was a mad man ." He chuckled .

" I can't say that's a lie ." I chuckled

"Where did you Learn how to shoot like that Fenty ?" He said .

"Lets just say that i wasn't a saint as a child ." I bursted out in laughter. Seconds after he followed along .

"You took down 40 men within 20 minutes. That's a record." He nudged me .

"Yeah , number 41 was a pleasure."I smiled sinisterly.

"Cold hearted..... I like that ." He poked my chest making me lean back a little .

"I should've joined the forces . That shit sounds fun ." I groaned.

"You bet your ass it is ." He took a shot of tequila.

"How's it going with my man ." He asked .

"Good,  he's doing good ." I said as I stood in front of a mirror .

I slowly lifted up my shirt and saw a bullet graze scar on the side of my stomach . Fuck my adrenaline really did kick in .

"Battle scars Fenty . It's just a battle scar ." He stood behind me .

"Yeah , I shouldn't over react ." I pulled my shirt down .

"I have a quick question Mary . Hopefully you don't get mad if I ask you this ." He tensed up .

"I won't . What is it ?" I replied.

"Do you see a future with him as your husband?" He hesitated.

It went silent for a second .

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked that question." He apologized .

"No , you're fine . I was just thinking." He sighed in relief.

It went silent for another couple of seconds.

" yeah ." I said in a low voice .

I looked down as I felt a blush come onto my cheeks. I felt as if he asked me if I had a boyfriend when I was 12 .

"I'm glad,  because he said the same when I asked him about you being his wife ." He smiled.

"Your brother is a good man Grayson. Even after all that was said and done . He's still a good man ." I said .

"I could see the good in his eyes . I could sense his happiness . He's doing better than me mentally and physically." I sighed .

"Mary you look great . Your mind is incredibly strong." He wrapped his arm around me .

"Gray I cry every five seconds. I cry over stupid little things . I see ghosts. I'm confused right now . I can barely stay happy . I'm full of scars from bullets and knives. My body is just a weapon tester . I can't even hold my life together to save it ." I was bummed.

"All I really care about is keeping him happy . I love seeing everyone smile ." I said forgetting everything I had said before.

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